Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Into the Meat Grinder: A “Market Meltdown the Likes of Which We’ve Never Seen Is Upon Us”

America is about to be put through the meat grinder and despite what President Obama or Governor Mitt Romney say they will do to fix the fundamental issues facing our country, the end result is inevitable.

Neither the Republicans or the Democrats can change what’s coming, because the fact is, they are equally responsible for where we are today.

As Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News notes, it’s no longer just bloggers and alternative media in the fringe corners of the internet warning about the coming collapse of life in America as we have come to know it.

The crisis of reality is being forecast by some of the most elite institutions and insiders in the world, and we’d better be paying attention.

I want to give you a few predictions and then tell I’ll you who they’re from. It might surprise you.

Prediction number 1: We’re heading headlong into a financial meat grinder.

Prediction number 2: We’re about to plunge off a financial cliff.

Prediction number 3: Major market meltdown the likes of which we’ve never seen is upon on us.

This wasn’t from some alternative media site or somebody that’s peddling gloom and doom. Read more......

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