Sunday, October 7, 2012

Obama Touts Donations As Romney Doubts Jobs in Reset Race

Republican nominee Mitt Romney worked to undercut a better-than-expected jobs report and President Barack Obama touted his largest monthly fundraising haul, as the candidates grappled for advantage in a tight presidential race.

Romney, seeking to capitalize on an aggressive debate performance against Obama and question evidence of a U.S. economic recovery, told voters the true unemployment picture is much worse than the 7.8 percent jobless rate reported on Oct. 5, the lowest since Obama took office.

“If we calculated, by the way, our unemployment rate in a way that was consistent with the way it was calculated when he came into office, it would be a different number,” Romney told more than 6,000 people at an outdoor rally last night in Apopka, Florida. “You see, if the number of people -- if the percentage of the American population who were in the workforce were the same today as the day he was elected, our unemployment rate would be above 11 percent. This is inexcusable.”

Romney appeared to be referring to the workforce- participation rate, which was 63.6 percent last month, compared with 65.7 percent in January 2009. That figure isn’t incorporated into the monthly unemployment number released by the government, and wasn’t before Obama took office.

Obama’s Fundraising

Obama’s campaign, working to recover from his lackluster performance against Romney at the first presidential debate on Oct. 3 in Denver, said the president and allied Democratic Party committees raised $181 million in September, the largest monthly total in his re-election effort. Read more....

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