Monday, November 12, 2012

An Embarrassment to the Nation

General David Petraeus is roughly one thousand times the man I am. He is braver, tougher, more self-sacrificing, smarter, more unselfish, more patriotic, far more disciplined, apparently able to keep up sexually with a woman twenty years younger than he is who is also an Ironman woman superstar. He is almost a superman. But not quite.

Now, let me get this straight: I do not think a man usually should have been fired for having sex with a woman not his wife. To me, that is just what men and women do. It is a part of life. But this is a highly unusual situation in every way.

Let's look at it from the point of view of how General Petraeus represented himself to President Obama and to the White House. When a man or woman is considered for high office, he or she is asked the following question (I know because I was considered for a modest government position several years ago and I was asked it, or a paraphrase), "Are you now doing or have you ever done anything which, if known, would cause embarrassment to the Administration, to the President, or to the nation? If you are doing so in the future, will you tell the responsible officials in the government?"

Obviously, David Petraeus lied in answer to that question. He was having an affair with a married woman while married himself. It now looks as if he might have had more than one affair going simultaneously. He did not divulge it when it happened and he did not divulge it until the FBI forced his hand. Read more...


  1. Homosexual sex = good
    Homosexual marriage = good
    Heterosexual man makes a moral mistake = evil

    This is one messed up world we live in.

  2. Really, it's not like he lied about having sex with that woman. As we learned with Bill Clinton, the only crime was his lying about it. Marriage has no meaning today thanks to the Clinton's and as implemented by Obama. Stop using the bible as the moral standard, that was tossed out with federal promotion of homosexual marriage. If he didn't lie there is no crime or foul. So why all the outrage, false as it is? We either have Christian moralities all the time or not, and not just when convenient. Something else is going on here and it is not in the best interest of the united States. Our government is sick beyond repair.

  3. Why did they keep this under wraps till now? They needed some blackmail.

  4. We are witnessing The Night of the Long Knives, American style.

  5. This isn't just about a man having an affair. It stinks to high heaven! The timing was just perfect. I believe it's a diversion and this man will be a scapegoat for the Obama administration.

    I'm so disgusted with this administration...blechhh! Not to mention the people that worship these imposters!

    "Let them Eat Cake!"

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