Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Be Careful Who You Sleep With

A few months ago I wrote an article for people with few recourses and needed alternative bugout ideas. Many people today have a difficult time paying off credit cards, mortgages and car loans without buying a second home – a run-to place. For many, this concept is so far out of reach that it stretches the imagination to Pluto. Like most people, we live a comfortable existence, but buying a second home while remaining debt-free is somewhere in Crazyville. It is to this group of people we speak.

When Stan was shown the “ideal” location for us in the U.S. while we still lived in Victoria, Australia, in order to meet this dream-vision, we had to start over financially. Painful? You have no idea. Stan had lived outside of America for 30 years, and Australia’s version of retirement did not transfer to the U.S. Consequently, when we were moved back home in 2001 – 6 months before 9-11 – financially we were like someone in their late teens. While many of our friends were retiring, we ramped up our work hours. Not fun? Believe it! Did we obey Stan’s God-given vision? Absolutely. Since we do not partake of government entitlements, in order to remain “free”, it was incumbent on us to work horrendous hours to earn our way.

Now fast-forward a decade.

We’re located in the southern portion of Colorado. We’re newbies to this area. No roots, no high school or university reunions within an arm’s reach. In essence, we are outsiders in every respect. So we understand what it means to live in a “foreign area”. Read more...

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