Friday, November 16, 2012

Does Obama Doom America?

The refrain started many weeks, even months, before the election, but its frequency and intensity has increased nearly exponentially since Nov. 6.

"I don't know if we can survive another four years of this," people say. Or, "do you think we can survive four more years of this?" Even Bill Kristol, not prone to defeatism, speculated on what might happen "even if America can survive the next four years of Obama." [Emphasis added.] The words aren't coming from alarmists. They come in face-to-face conversations, or in emails, or on the phone. They come from Washington, from New York, from New Jersey, from Minnesota, from Alabama, from New Orleans -- from all over. Serious, ordinary people, some of whom live and breathe politics and some of whom pay almost no attention to current affairs, aren't panicking or exaggerating. They are really worried about what this man in the White House will do now. And they're really worried about whether America as we know it can survive.

It is not an idle worry. Barack Obama and his minions play for keeps. And they are playing for a vastly different America than the one with which we have been accustomed for 224 years of this constitutional republic. Fight a war in Libya without even asking for a congressional resolution? No problem. Appoint executive officers without Senate approval, when the Senate is still in session? Sure. Issue executive orders directly contrary to law, on multiple occasions? Of course. Refuse to enforce duly constituted laws? Check. Repeatedly question the very legitimacy of the Supreme Court? Check. Refuse to honor congressional subpoenas and legitimate Freedom of Information requests? Ignore court orders (about offshore drilling) so flagrantly that you are found officially in contempt of court? Insult or even abandon allies? Whisper to foreign leaders of traditionally adversarial lands that you will have "more flexibility" after re-election? Deliberately cover up deadly mistakes on the Mexican border and in North Africa? Check, check, check, check, and check. Read more....


  1. I'm not sure where you've been for the last 40 years. Most of the things you complain that Obama is doing have been done by quite a few of the president preceding him. Remember Ronald Reagan and Grenada and Nicaragua? He basically made war on Nicaragua with his band of terrorist "Contras" who were expert in killing women and children, and also putting floating mines into their harbors. That's just one of many. Also, why doesn't anyone point out that the policy of letting Mexican criminals buy American guns was started by George Bush's people -- Operation Wide Receiver and Project Gunrunner to be specific?

    One of the delusions that both Republicans and Democrats have with Obama is that somehow he's so different from George Bush. However, the differences are miniscule -- he's really just a continuation of the same policies with minor differences (excepting maybe health care). But they both basically spit on the constitution, are/were willing to evade FOI requests, commit U.S. military forces to operations without regard for Congress, give Wall Street Banksters whatever they want (Obama pretends to have some strings attached), etc. etc. Your article is way over the top and makes me question either your sincerity or your mental health.

  2. Berny, whatever happened under LBJ through GWBush has nothing to do with the current situation under Obama. Not one of the prior presidents hated America and the Constitution as the fraud now occuping the office. With the exception of Clinton, each of the priors admitted their mistakes like men. Obama does not take responsibility for anything, always blaming and deflecting while he plays golf and vacations.

  3. Obama is not the one to worry about its the people that have elected him thats the problem,we have reached a tipping point where the takers have out voted the makers.

    1. Without them the fraud would have never been elected in the first place.


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