Friday, November 9, 2012

Poll: Nearly One Third Of Americans Would Accept ‘TSA Body Cavity Search’ in Order to Fly

A new survey commissioned by Infowars and conducted by Harris Interactive has found that almost one third of American adults would accept a “TSA body cavity search” in order to fly, with a majority of Americans also feeling a law that would make disobeying a TSA agent in any public place illegal is reasonable.

The shock results emphasize the level of indignity Americans are willing to tolerate in order to travel.

They also highlight how the TSA’s reputation has remained largely intact despite a series of scandals and widespread criticism from innumerable public figures.

However, on other fronts the poll provides good news for those concerned with how liberties are being lost in the name of stopping terrorism. For example, a clear majority (65%) of American adults feel that TSA pat down policies that in some cases involve TSA agents touching travelers’ genitals are unacceptable.

The survey was conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Infowars from November 5-7 among 2059 American adults.

American adults were asked the following question as part of the poll;

“Given the recent reports concerning the threat posed by terrorists who plan to implant bombs within their own bodies, how willing, if at all, would you be to undergo a TSA body cavity search in order to fly?” Read more....


  1. These sheeple would give up any rights. This government is out of control. Prison camps can't be far off. These losers deserve the lunatic government they deserve.

  2. Fisting is that popular ? At least is will be the hand of a highly trained union worker up your ass..

  3. The are the results of make believe surveys, just as they election is proving to be full of fraud. They control the stories and shape the agenda just as they wish. Fuck tsa and their child molester dropouts.

  4. It's enough to make you buy a horse! Can't afford gasoline and flying is incestous!


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