Friday, November 9, 2012

The Five Reasons Why Romney Lost

I. The Napoleon Factor

Napoleon once observed that one of the key attributes in judging a general was whether the man possessed a lucky streak.  He felt that some people seemed to get better breaks than others no matter what their capabilities. In that sense, Napoleon would love Barack Obama.  In 2008 the Democratic challenger was slightly behind McCain after Labor Day. Then came the financial panic, which helped him win. This time, Sandy hit the Northeast; the President suddenly took on the Olympian mantle of crisis leadership, aided immensely by hugs from the New Jersey GOP Governor. Romney’s momentum was stopped cold.

II.      Obama Dominated the Ground Game

On a tactical level, the Democrats’ ground game was superb in their identifying likely voters and getting them out.  Much painstaking work goes into all this and they did it far better than the Republicans.

III.     Romney Allowed the Other Side to Define Him & GOP Agenda

Despite a miserable economic record, the President dominated the agenda.  On Election Day millions of women were convinced that Romney and the Republican Party were hostile to them. Single women outnumber married women and they went overwhelmingly for Obama.  Here again the President was aided immeasurably by two GOP senatorial candidates making indefensible remarks that allowed the Democrats to hammer home their “Republican war on women” theme. Read more...


  1. Obama lost every state with voter ID. Then look to Ohio, wood county 108% voter turn out, nothing funny there, right. Plenty examples of similar results. Not a better ground game, a criminal act.

  2. In PA Obama got 99.5% of the vote in those precincts where the Republican poll watchers were thrown out. Coincidence???

    1. And yet every so called reporter sees no story to investigate. The old soviet era Pravda would be jealous. We have been overrun by Marxists and their loyal usefull idiots that actually think they are part of the team. History shows us these idiots die by the tens of millions once their usefulness expires. EBT cards and Obamaphones will turn off very soon.

  3. OK, give 100% of PA's votes to Romney. What do you have? A 312-226 landslide for Obama.

  4. The crap about Wood County comes from FrontPageMag, a crazy right-wing web site. Ohio's own newspaper headlines say Wood Co. had a 60% turnout.

    States with voter ID laws that went for Obama: Florida, Hawaii, and Michigan (that's 3 out of 7).

    The GOP poll watchers were only in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh (because those areas are heavily black). Their presence was legally fought over by both sides.

    You conservatives are deluded crybabies. It's amazing how facts mean nothing to you.

    1. Here's a couple of facts; In florida (I was there) they were giving free food to people who would vote for Obama. In Ohio they were giving free phones to all whom would vote for Obama.

      Most people that voted for Obama want to be taken care of. They have been made to believe that their failures, or lack of prosperity is someone else's fault. Others (like you) are so misguided and think that socialism is great because everyone will be equal.

      The fact is...everyone will be equally miserable financially.

      I have read your comments Sharon (if you are even a Sharon) and you are a moronic individual who claims you are all about facts. You are not! You are too biased to write about any case objectively.

      Though, I do find you mildly entertaining.

  5. Sharonsj is a bucket carrier for the Marxist progressive movement. Her envy of successful people has her out for revenge if only to make her feel better about herself. Judas sold out the Lord for 30 pieces of silver, the sharonjs' sold out the republic for a free cellphone.

  6. Sorry, but I don't have a free cellphone. But since Obama owes me for my vote, I'll have to look into getting one. I will let you concerned citizens know what happens.

    The only info I could find out about "free food to people who would vote for Obama in Florida" was this: at one polling station for early voting, Obama supporters were giving out free pizza. Hardly enough to make people change their vote.

    Ohio free cellphones--it has nothing to do with voters and is for poor people on food stamps and/or Medicaid. I know the right wingers love misleading headlines, so I bother to check other sources (unlike you).

    Finally, my name is Sharon. I notice all you right-wing whiners like to hide under the moniker of "anonymous," which reminds me about throwing stones and glass houses....

    1. Sharon's at it again! Right wingers and Independents are the misleaders, but left wingers are the truth tellers LOL!

      You only bother to check resources that work on your behalf.

      I remember your rantings on how Global Warming is real, yet there is also evidence that disproves it.

      You also thought it a good idea to silence Fox News because they weren't telling "the truth", but never stated what it is they were lying about because they lie about E-V-E-R-YTHING.

      You also don't think it's wise to have Voter ID laws because it suppresses poor people's vote (yeah right).

      You think Obamacare is great, but fail to see what it's doing to businesses and/or what it will do to the future of this country and its people.

      You have mentioned Canada as an example of what we should be aiming for, by all means go there!

      You are a lefty who claims to be middle of the road! I will continue to say it! Your comments/rantings have exposed you for who you really are; a overemotional, perhaps menopausal, empty skirt that when cornered turns into a rabid dog.

      Go retire in Canada so that we don't have to care for you!

      Oh, and I could care less what your name is. You could say you are a Sharon, but then again can't prove that you are who you say you are. So what difference does it make whether it's anonymous or a Sharon? Your comments remain the same; Asinine.

      Stock up on Depends cause it's going to be a bumpy ride!

    2. I don't know of anyone that is commonly recognizable by the name Sharon. You're kidding, right? Nobody knows who you are. The name can be male or female. You are just as anonymous as anyone else posting so get down off your hobby horse.. You prove again you are full of shit.

  7. Sharon, attaching a name to your comment doesn't make you more relevant. It also doesn't make you appear more intelligent than others who chose not to include a name.

    Feel free to remove your name from future comments if you want; Unfortunately, they will remain just as vacuous.

  8. Sharon, Rock on! You are right.

    Why do conservatives go into such complicated rationales about their defeat! They can't accept that people just don't agree with their philosopy.

    1. When you back out illegal votes it seems the majority of the voters say otherwise, but then again journalism is dead so there is no fourth estate to keep the liars in check.

    2. Yes, Sharon! You are awesome! NOT.

      Sharon, are you posing as an Anonymous to make it seem as if you have a following?

      Why do you bother commenting on a site that is mostly geared towards independent minds/people? Clearly, you are not a small gov't woman. You are also too biased to be intellectually honest.

      Go troll somewhere else and take your tiny cult with you.


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