Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We're Not in 1980 Anymore

For months, conservatives have been likening the conditions of the 2012 presidential race to that which saw the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. The American Spectator's own Jeffrey Lord proclaimed that President Obama could be beaten handily “because the past four years really have been Jimmy Carter's second term.”

Victor Davis Hanson of National Review Online put it this way:

    What does 1980 tell us about 2012? Barack Obama, like Carter, can run neither on his dismal four-year stewardship of the economy nor on his collapsing Middle East policy.

Hanson went on to write:

    The winner probably won't be decided by old video clips, gaffes, or even campaign money, but by turnout and the October debates -- depending on whether incumbent Obama comes across as a petulant Carter and challenger Romney appears an upbeat Reagan. As in 1980, voters want a better president -- but they first have to be assured he's on the ballot.

Well, Obama did come across as petulant in the debates while Romney was upbeat. And yet it wasn't enough. At the end of the day, despite Obama's dismal economic record and an ineffectual Middle East policy, his well-oiled organization turned out his vote and Romney could not. Romney could not break through in key states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan nor could he put Ohio and Florida back in the Republican column. Read more....


  1. Difference today is 47% are riding in the wagon and the uneducated just want free shit.

  2. You are right. I give up. I'm quitting my job and I'm joining the party of "free stuff". From now on I'm going to claim I'm half Indian and half hispanic. Give me free stuff!! I'm going down to the SS office tomorrow and apply for SSI. Hola!

  3. I, too, will start announcing my ethnic background so that I may get free stuff and special treatment. I also will not work as hard so that someone else may benefit from my hardwork. I will do the bare minimum required of me! Actually, I will stop working so that I may collect unemployment since they tend to pay just as much if not a little more than some jobs.

  4. ah..umm kwanzi 365 days a year! I'm not going to have to worry about buying gas, or paying a mortgage. I took cares of Obama's and he's gonna take of mes!!! Free cellphones yipee!!!! Free health care!!!! The rich gonna pay and we get things for freeeeee!

  5. Americans need help. Plain and simple. So what a MOM gets assistance for her KIDS. Our children are our future and if you keep this negativity then thats all they see. Stop critizing and make a difference. Do your part. And by the way we took this country from the Indians you cant discover land thats already inhabited. And yes we put blacks in slavery. So yes they deserve a little bit of help

    1. WTF are you talking about? Your inclusion of Native Americans and Blacks have nothing to do w/this argument, but it seems you do need a brief education on the subject.

      Native Americans weren't all peaceful, they also fought amongst themselves and some tribes were more peaceful than others. Some of them even owned Slaves!

      Black people were slaves (a bad thing) but a lot of them were already slaves in their mother country which then were sold to the white man or traded. It never ceases to amaze me how people will only tell one side of the story; mostly because they are taught to blame everything on the "White Man".

      Blacks today live a much better life than they do in Africa. As a matter of fact, most foreign black people are appalled by the behavior of most black Americans.

      As far as reparations go...the debt was payed by those that fought and died to free them. The Civil War; the bloodiest war in US history!

      It's not our duty to pay for mother's who breed like rabbits! Many people have done their part and all they do is get screwed by ignoramuses like you who think aid is an entitlement.

      Go educate yourself before you continue to make an ass out of yourself! You are a perfect example of what happens when failure is rewarded.

      Black people were slaves (a bad thing) but a lot of them were already slaves in their mother country which then were sold to the white man or traded. It never ceases to amaze me how people will only tell one side of the story; mostly because they are taught to blame everything on the "White Man". That being said, I do believe blacks have a better life in America than in Africa. Their debt was payed by all those who fought and died to free them.

    2. I apologize for the repeat at the end.

  6. There is no one alive today in the U.S. who put blacks in slavery and there are no blacks alive in the U.S. today who were slaves. This idea that we should punish the innocent to reward those who were never harmed is lunacy. And why should MOM get assistance??? Why can't she take care of her own kids?? Why should the government take from me and give to MOM??? Explain why she is having children she cannot take care of. I'm tired of supporting the 49% that refuses to work. Screw them! Let them take care of themselves.

  7. I didn't have sex with the MOM and produce her KIDS so F off jerk wad. I did not enjoy the orgasmic moment and I'm sure as hell not responsible. Let one of her many baby daddies do that. Abortion is practicality free now so no more excuses either if they go ahead and whelp them out. You know those loving white liberals that want to help blacks push abortion just to keep their numbers in check. Blacks abort 52% of their babies so you have room to grow you false loving worthless POS. Keep building those abortion mills you liberal clowns.

    1. They have figured out that the more babies they have the more they get paid. I even know people w/kids that decide not to get married so that they continue to get their gov't checks!

    2. It' a full time job being a freeloader, at least in their warped world of entitlement.

      All we can do now is enjoy the show. They dollar is going to crash and these zoo animals will starve to death as their caretakers turn away. They served their purpose on November 6th and are useless now.

      God have mercy on their souls.

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