Sunday, June 6, 2010

By Christmas 50,000,000 Americans Will Be On Food Stamps

Other presidents get the picture on paper currency. Obama should have his picture on food stamps. There are now 40 million Americans who choose to have the government feed them rather than feed themselves. This is almost 1 in 7 people who depend on government food. Now do you see how totally and completely hopeless things are? By Christmas 50,000,000 Americans will be eating at the government trough. Yes, 1 in 6 people will refuse to feed them-selves and depend on the government to feed them. Now can you see how hopeless the situation is? The lemmings are too stupid, lazy, and incompetent to even feed themselves. YOUR tax money will feed them. YOUR tax money will support them. Yes, your hard earned money feeds these pitiful excuses for human beings.

Look at the above chart. The same applies equally to silver, and equally to the Dow Jones Average. Silver and gold far outperform the stock markets in the last ten years. It's only going to get better and better for people who own silver and gold.
Fifty years ago (when your author was a kid) you could go to McDonalds and get a three course meal- hamburger, fries, and shake- for 45 cents. That was four and a half silver dimes. Today those 4.5 silver dimes are worth about six dollars. The 1960 dollar bill that would have bought two of those meals (with 10 cents in change) would not even buy you the fries anymore. Gasoline was a quarter a gallon. Those four and a half dimes will buy two gallons of gasoline. Silver is real money. It has held its value for 2,000 years now. Every single paper currency on earth has become worthless.
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  1. bush and obama pictures should be on food stamps, they put the most people on food stamps so they should be represented in that way.

  2. Excellent article, I recommend clicking on the link and reading the entire article. I pretty much agree with everything he says. Too bad the sheeple slave work units can not read this article, as it could wake up some of them. Though watching golf on tv is much more important. Of course this is why we are in this position, no one cares anymore, except the few of us living in reality.

    I will not go to a FEMA camp, that will be my stand should it come to that, as the jews allowed themselves to go to the camps with no fight, and look what happened to them.

    Scary stuff, hope you are prepared.

  3. Why call them "lemmings..lazy, stupid, incompetent"? The jobs were outsourced.

    Make any corporation that outsourced, or insourced, pay for the food. AND the politicians who allowed it to happen.

    Please simply read what you post in other articles.

    The needy are not at fault. The paper shufflers who do nothing, and make millions on royalties and loans, are.

    They are the exploiters of the needy.

    Having said that, I generally enjoy your straight-talk posts.

  4. Does Roger Mason (the author of this 'work') know that the NWO has plans to liquidate him in a FEMA camp crematorium oven because he's too old and worthless to anybody to keep around? They can't even use his organs like a fresh young Chinese dissident.

    This guy is talking about Silver being real money at the same time he's calling many fellow Americans 'pitiful excuses for human beings'. Nice guy. Perhaps he ought to be dealt with as a traitor.

  5. i love america
    and think alex jones is a hero
    as for the rest of the article
    seems pretty
    on the money hhahahhah
    of coarse your money being gold and silver

    we are so screwed
    he forgets to mention more wars coming korea etc

    congress will act!

    in thier best intrest.
    be assured.


  7. big crash coming tomorrow morning, nikkei down 364 already, us stock market to take big hit tomorrow also maybe a natural disaster earthquake tomorrow as well, beware

  8. Yeah

    'bout says it all - don't it ?

    Buy Silver

  9. I find it sad that the author of this drivel decided to take such a obnoxious personal attack on those 50 million americans. This idea that people want to be on food aid is downright ignorant. Here in my town, jobs dried up a year ago. I have entire homeless families out with their kids begging for money and sleeping in tents not 1 mile from my home. They ae neither stupid, nor lazy. IMO: To bash these people who have nothing and are literally watching their children starve without that food aid, in what appears to be little more than an attempt to peddle silver, is an ugly scar on this otherwise great website.

  10. I've been carefully watching the 'spill cam' lately since they placed the top hat on it.
    Look at how tremendous the flow is.

    Considering that the pipe is 21 inches in diameter, I think it's not unreasonable to suggest that at least 2 barrels a second are coming out of that well. Judge for yourself.

    That's 172,800 barrels a day give or take. That's 7,257,600 gallons a day.

    That's almost an entire Exxon Valdez (10 million gallons) spill every day.

    The Alaskan pipeline is 42 inches in diameter and moved 2.2 million barrels of oil in one 24 hour period for a record.

    It's entirely possible for this well to be producing on the order of 200,000 barrels a day, and in fact BP had even suggested so on a website talking about the latest mission of the DeepWater Horizon.

    Right now we're probably talking about well over 300 million gallons of oil and gas in the gulf.

    That's six entire Exxon Valdez tankers.

    However, the satellite photographs still don't jibe with even the most hi end of numbers.

    It appears there is a lot more oil in the gulf than 6 Exxon Valdez tankers.

    Call me crazy, but it sure looks like there might be 1000's of Exxon Valdez worth in the gulf.

    If it's not all coming from the well, then what did they do down there? Crack the earth open and now there's a gigantic super gusher 6 miles away like someone suggested?

  11. I go back and forth between hating the "Mouth Breathers" (young/fit/lazy) and feeling sorry for some of the old/young/sick who will probably hit the wall when things go bad.

    Part of me says "Rise up you useless f*cks can't you see you're being set up for failure?"

    The other part says "They were given enough warning and they don't care as long as the have their circuses and bread."

    Problem is that the brunt of the stick will hit the weak and not all the stupid lazy ones who only leech on society.

    60 million is an incredible number...A horrible sad number...They really should cut all aid to illegals...If you know you won't get food or help is a big factor on letting yourself get pregnant over and over.

    We need to be a lil cruel NOW in order to not have to make evil choices later.

    I am prepping for the Long Emergency...3-5 years of semi-chaos...But what good is 2% of a population that sees the problem when the rest refuse to see or prep?

  12. Yep, blame the unfortunate for outsourced jobs..and jobs to illegals so prividged don't pay too much. Nice touch.

  13. i also expect civil war on the gulf coast

    and yes food stamps are needed god help those people

    obama and bushs clintons destroyed america

    thats about it
    morons baffoons incompetence to the kore
    they will be remmeberd like nero
    or hitler even
    self glorified self serveing insane !

    god help us!
    this party just started
    what i wouldnt do for a patton right now

    but the sheep still wont listen

  14. 628
    i new the first day
    this is obamas katrina

    hes out of touch he cant handle the truth
    so he sock puppets everything

    these harvard white shoe boys
    will be the end of the late great usa

    i wouldnt give spit for our future

    underwear bomber?
    shoe bomber?

    wars that never end sounds like the battle of the bulge robert shaw
    and these leaders are as useless as mclean and burnside
    in the civil war

    just poppycock
    prepare someday you will thank god

  15. I dont think the article is fair stating that people are lazy and refuse to feed themelves. There are no REAL jobs out there. Unless you want to be a temp census worker and get fired and rehired every week, you are F'ed. No lazy about it.

  16. Good comments 6:28; that's what I've been telling everyone too!

  17. I am a multi-skilled person. I have several marketable skills that should earn me a decent living and support my family. Two years ago I had a great gig, converting "permanent retention" student records from paper to digital form. There was an estimated 750,000 paper based documents that needed to be scanned. I was earning $40.00 an hour. Then it ended...

    I have ALWAYS been employed and up till now, I had NEVER been unemployed for more than 2-3 weeks. I am about to become a 99'er.

    Yes this country is in trouble.

    I am ALWAYS armed, even when I step outside to water my vegetable garden. I don't care about permits to carry my weapons. I carry something ALWAYS. Like American Express, I don't leave home without it!

    Recently my neighborhood has experienced two senseless murders within a 3-day span. The killers are not in custody.

    Very soon, the shit will hit the fan. I don't want to be 20 miles from home when it happens and be in no position to get home alive.

    Obama needs to go, for the sake of the country. If he dose not leave on his own accord, he will likely be removed the same way JFK got his walking papers.

    The Gulf is dead. It will take decades to recover, if ever.

    We need a small Federal Government with a small standing army. The remainder of the "army" will be citizens with M-16's in their homes, ready to move on a moments notice.

    I'm sure the Founding Fathers, never dreamed of a Federal Government as big as we have now. Trim the fat and we'll survive.

    Are you ready?

  18. Calling the unemployed stupid, lazy and incompetent is like kicking someone when they're down. A lot of people reading this are probably already despondent. Sure, some are like that but many are not.

  19. Obozo is having another party tonight on the taxpayers tab. This ass clown is clueless to the blight Americans are facing just to get by.

    Bring back Bush.

  20. "He will likely be removed the same way JFK got his walking papers...."

    Unlikely. JFK was 'removed' because he was our last real President who actually had the balls to repeal the Federal Reserve Act and stand up to the Oligarch banksters. The repeal was overturned by LBJ 45-minutes after the Oligarchs killed JFK.

    B.O. on the other hand is a bought and paid for, slick-talking, sock puppet. You don't kill one of your own.

  21. America will live on. As a brutal police state where you will be cattle/state property, similar to Stalin's Russia, but it WILL live on.

    You don't spend decades cultivating a population of non-thinking scared drones just to wipe them out. You just take them to the next level.

    We will no longer be a Clandestine Empire where people are fooled into believing they are free.

    The curtain will be drawn back and there will be no need for deception. Those that would rebel will face being labeled terrorists and your family and neighbors will turn on you.

    By then, the realization that the phony war on terror was really about fighting YOU will be too late. You didn't care when the machine was out killing 1.2+ million innocent women and children. What goes around comes around.

  22. If you live near the Gulf get the hell out of there. The plan is your extinction. The reason: profit/power as always. If you think HAARP is a joke, put your head back in the sand, but find a DIFFERENT BEACH to do it at!

    They are going to turn massive hurricanes loose that will carry that oil and toxins onto the coastal areas surrounding the gulf. 100s of billions if not TRILLIONs of dollars in profit await them.

    Run, don't walk.

  23. Well with 15 million Americans out of work and if you count all the people who have given up looking not counted because of self employed and 1099 you get almost 29 million people who just getting by and not working or working part time. But to call people pitiful excuses that is wrong on so many levels as 2000 congress lifted regulations on wall street and created the bucket houses using derivatives under Greenspan's urgency and giving incentives to business to move jobs offshore for 20 years the government has screwed the middle class and we will have high unemployment for 5 to 10 years so damn right they need to pay and support an america they broke. And if you feel the unemployment and food stamps are wrong then think where the crime rate would be if those programs where not there. We waste so much money on wars baiilouts but god forbid if you help a struggling amrican get by until times get better.

  24. People are heartless. If you think the homeless have it bad now, it will be much worse. When people have trouble finding food for themselves the last thing they think about is charity.

    TPTB have no trouble culling the herd.

    Calling people who are on food stamps pitiful excuses for human beings is really heartless. A lot of that food is for little children.

    You will notice in the months ahead that 'BUMS' are not going to be what you expected to see. A lot of younger people in Nikes and pushing carts and the like.

    There just will not be jobs for any of them.

  25. When a corporation's finances are so bad there is no chance of recovery it is looted before being discarded and left an empty shell before its creditors.

    This is the USA.

  26. I live on the beach and I'm going to die on the beach.


    Because it's only going to get worse.

    What, I should try to live to see what?
    Terrorists nuking various cities?
    Volcanos blowing and killing millions?
    War between Iran and Isreal?

    Whatever dude.

    I'm gonna smoke me a joint and let the oil fumes get me.

  27. Terrorists nuking various cities?

    No such thing my friend. Substitute Governments for Terrorists and you'll be closer to the truth.

    Plus Israel will never take on Iran. They will get their stooge to do it, the US of A.

    I like your passive attitude regardless.

  28. MSM lie of the day:

    "Gulf cleanup could last until fall

    Although a cap is showing progress in stemming the Gulf oil SPILL, the govt.'s point man says cleanup likely to continue for months."

    Yeah, right! :(

  29. Look at the oil video counter on the right, just slowly ticking by, there is a hell of a lot more oil than one gallon every tick

  30. Well said 621- I only hope the heartless prick who wrote that crap finds himself in a tent soon.

  31. How wrong.

    DON'T you get it???


  32. When I started HS in 1965 you could go to Griff's DriveIn and get the same meal as stated above for $0.50! Paper money is not money at all it is a bankers wrapping you in a death cloth from the day you are born until the day you die. As our Founding Fathers noted in The US Constituion, only gold and silver are legal tender.

    Back up the truck and buy all the silver you can afford, payday will come no matter what politicians and bankers try to do. Most of them will be taken in the middle of the night and hung from a tree are light pole. Personally I do not wish to partake of this but sadly many will.

    All those who are to lazy to work, be responsible citizens will end up in a FEMA Camp and you now how Soylent Green turned out.

  33. The face of the homeless is changing drastically. Yesterday I was driving down the road and saw a shopping cart full of stuff, covered by a tarp. My guess is the cart was not full of old scrap clothing and recyclable cans and bottles, but this person's must have essentials. I saw her sitting on the ground next to the cart. Her sign said "Fallen on hard times"... I could not read the rest of it. She was in her late 20's, early 30's. Her blond hair was not dirty looking. She covered part of her face as if to hide the desperation and pain of facing another night, living in the street. I thought she was crying.

    Many of the homeless are dirty, mentally unstable people with most of their teeth missing and a stench you can smell from a distance, but not all.

    Before you suggest that I should help these people, I have in the past, but my present does not look so good. I could be homeless by year's end as well.

  34. "The lemmings are too stupid, lazy, and incompetent to even feed themselves."

    Nice guy. I bet when he sees a puppy in the road he steps on the gas.

  35. About food stamps: Against all my previous life experience, I applied for and am on them. I get a generous amount each month. I use them to buy my daily food needs, and I use my own income to prep with guns, ammo, and freeze dried food. I finally have resorted to taking anything I can from the government, just as all the politicians and freeloaders have been doing.

  36. 9:07...I hear you... I'm 48 years old, retired military, decent job, but even for those of us who have been fortunate enough to go this long without going under, the time is short. I wish all my fellow Americans the best. I think I'll call up my 53 year old pot smoking sister and get a's been a long time

  37. I hope everyone bellies up to the government trough. The sooner the Feds are bankrupt, the better.

  38. EA,

    A couple things.

    1. reports coming out of memphis, tn area say something in the rain is killing plants and animals up there. The comments section has people from Nashville and other areas saying they have the same thing and this seems to be widespread.

    2. In very high strangeness, we have a blogger from NJ reporting massive amounts of red oil tide coming into
    Barnegut bay in NEW JERSEY with plenty of photographs to prove it.

    Dated May 22nd.

    "The news that BP is now capturing over 15,000 barrels per day with little to no visible reduction in the amount of oil leaking from the broken well indicates that the amount leaking is far more than the current official government estimates of 12,000 to 19,000 barrels of oil per day.

    In fact, to cover the now proven fictitious official government estimates, Thad Allen told the times that the official upper bound of the amount leaking is 25,000 barrels per day according the the NY Times article."

    Those who where watching the video know that there are many leaks in the sea floor around the BP they are not showing us.

    The casing under the BP is cracked/broken/leaking all over the place.

    There is constant and alarming large scale seismic activity centered on Disney Land Wildlife Preserve near Orlando.

    There are now well over 400 million gallons of oil in the gulf, by honest estimate.

  39. stock market getting ready to crash soon

  40. the stock market is primed now to Crash, coming soon, Get prepared

  41. stock market primed to crash

  42. stock market getting ready to crash

  43. So many things imploding at the same time...Like a boxer taking hit after hit and you wonder how the hell he's still standing?

    Yet the average American does NOT care...Till the stores are looted...Till they are robbed...Till the riots begin here, there and everywhere the average American will NOT care.

    Flouride in the water?...Too much tv and video games making you desensitized?...Lack of education or empathy?...Who knows but at this point we are on a razor's edge waiting for shit to fall.

    Scared but prepping...Nervous yet calm...Trying to get stoic for the situation at hand...Happiness is all in your mind...No matter what you have or don't have...So make peace with your God and get ready to lock and load.

  44. stock market getting ready to crash soon get out now

  45. As of 12:52 the blog is back and posting! Please hit "Home" at the top page to REFRESH! THANKS!

  46. Wow, Gold over 1242 today. 1800 by year end!

  47. "(Gold) 1800 by year end!"

    At a minimum, 6000 more likely. Silver 250+

  48. Last week I flew to Orlando and drove back to California with my 25-year old daughter. We had plenty of time to talk about all kinds of things and we freely did. Needless to say, as we made our 2500 mile trek, it did not take long for me to understand that she is COMPLETELY CLUELESS about the current economic crisis.

    If my daughter represents the majority of young people, they are in for a really hard ride.

  49. Needless to say, as we made our 2500 mile trek, it did not take long for me to understand that she is COMPLETELY CLUELESS about the current economic crisis.

    Thanks for the insight. It's interesting to hear about these age groups and what they think, or don't think.

  50. 907 like we dont know what they think, they think facebook, twitter, iphone, american idol, dancing wit the stars, texting AND THATS IT, THEY ARE BRAINDEAD LOSERS

  51. Calling people names is not a proper way to change people's minds...If you are really that angry take a break from the news for a few days and reflect.

    Stoicism works best...Accept what you cannot change...But try to fix whatever is around you.

  52. Wow, Gold over 1242 today. Amazing. I was looking at that also.

  53. Hey 9:33

    I'll venture to guess young people do not watch Dancing with the Stars. My 82 year old mother watches Dancing with the Stars!

  54. This realistic article rightly points out .
    “This is almost 1 in 7 people who depend on government food. Now do you see how totally and completely hopeless things are? By Christmas 50,000,000 Americans will be eating at the government trough. Yes, 1 in 6 people will refuse to feed them-selves and depend on the government to feed them. Now can you see how hopeless the situation is? The lemmings are too stupid, lazy, and incompetent to even feed themselves. YOUR tax money will feed them. YOUR tax money will support them. Yes, your hard earned money feeds these pitiful excuses for human beings.”

    "More Free money for banksters” agrees"!
    The Government cannot afford to continue to bail out the banksters losses +militarism and tens of millions of freeloading families too!
    Soon more than 50 million of them that ‘refuse to feed themselves”.
    Somethings got to give!
    These "pitiful excuses for human beings" are overpopulating America and will drag a good capitalist system back down from out of the ongoing recovery.
    They are clearly the real cause of the current financial crisis.
    They should get away from the trough ,even if they can not find a job, that is no reasonable excuse for laziness . Most of them do not pay any taxes anyway.And trying to dishonestly get out of paying off their debts and credit cards
    If they even had an ounce of American patriotism they would “off “ themselves so that decent Americans could just get on with life ,that is making an honest profit ,without the burden of carrying a 50 million strong piggery on their backs .

  55. Perhaps double the food stamp allocation until outsourcing and insourcing are halted by the corporations.


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