Monday, October 25, 2010

75 Ways The Government And Elite Will Be Sucking The Blood out Of You in 2011

The American people are experiencing financial death by a thousand cuts and most of them don't even realize it. The U.S. government, state governments, local governments and the financial elite are draining us financially in dozens upon dozens of different ways, and yet we have become so programmed to accept it that it just seems normal to us. 2011 is rapidly approaching, and a whole slate of federal taxes is scheduled to go up, state taxes are being increased from coast to coast, local governments are finding new and creative ways to stick it to us and the financial elite are becoming more predatory than ever. Meanwhile, the incomes of many average Americans are actually going down. According to the Census Bureau's annual survey of income and poverty in the United States, of the 52 largest metro areas in the nation, only the city of San Antonio did not see a decline in median household income during 2009. Tens of millions of Americans are flat broke and they are getting pissed off. According to a new poll conducted by CNBC, 92 percent of Americans believe that the U.S. economy is either "fair" or "poor". The American people desperately want someone to fix the economy, but instead our "leaders" are trying to come up with new and creative ways to drain even more money out of us.
In no particular order, the following are 75 ways that the U.S. government, state governments, local governments and the financial elite will be sucking even more of the life blood out of the American people in 2011....
#1 State governments across the U.S. are raising fees and taxes in so many different ways it is staggering. A reader named Richard recently sent me an email in which he described the shock that he experienced when he recently received his license plate renewal notice in the mail....
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  1. I hope it's through a tube from my veins!

  2. Now that is change you can believe. How is tht Hope and Change working out for Obama voters? Are you better off with Obama? Is the USA better off with Obama? At what point is it "Obama's fault."

  3. add to list recycling fee's up, not a tax straight but by law here is part of garbage and must be payed, after you wash cans(probably use warm water thus electric and water rates)then u pay private company to pick up and they sell recycling for a profit after u pay...and leaf cleanup fee's, $15 a yr just announced and no opting out even if you rake leaves yourself(and get this-the city plants tree's on your sidewalk strip which you must maintain-no opting out of this also and when the roots crack the sidewalk guess who pays)..rainwater/stormwater fee's, bus line fee's even if not on bus line..yeah oregon


  5. You idiots...... everything will be fine, no collapse on the horizon at least not for another 200 years....

    "Sales of previously owned U.S. homes rose a greater-than-expected 10 percent in September"

    don't you idiots say that the above article is msm as the EA (scot) himself has been using articles from reuters

  6. Great Business investment opportunities are now available in the housing market to rich foreign readers of this economic crisis blog . Be aware, Cash in hand is king in any economic crisis. And crisis brings opportunity.
    “Sophisticated” potential foreign investors should of course analyze very carefully the current changes and investment opportunities in US property markets where property values are still falling and not be misled by old ideas of rising American property values,or that old methods used in creation of wealth and the distribution of profits to capital through capital gains from house flipping and holding “AAA” mortgages ,that bonds are still the same old game in America. And must price in risk including political risks to their capital. Including resistance rent strikes, or god forbid revolution.
    Capitalism evolves .E.G at one time in America it was possible to invest in and get good returns from slave property titles ,slave breeding and in related plantation industries like tobacco and the cotton industries that used labor intensively .In a later time, after the civil war, to invest in free wage labor ,manufacturing and the like But, the old robber barons and their industrial heirs evolved ,particularly after the last depression and wars into international monopolies like GM ,creating again great opportunities and returns from investing in the labor created wealth production .
    Times and opportunities change, America was converted under the Dollar Hegemony system into a great de-industrialized Ponzi .And while in the end the Ponzi economy imploded and a financial coup was necessary to socialize the losses . As can be seen in the great “recovery” from money printing , profits are beginning to flow for those with cash able to pick up the pieces.
    Especially , now after the mortgage industry collapsed into a process of the looting of the property values and savings of the middle class by foreclosures ,converting the debts to asset titles, that give incomeflows .Rents.

    As the US banks are unwilling to lend into the mortgage markets where a profit can no longer be made as the ordinary Americans incomes are tied down in paying off old housing and credit card debts.
    Many are underwater drowning in their debts unemployment grows and property values fall.

    But for international investors that have cash this a great and marvelous opportunity to get in on the “ground floor” of the asset buyups. An American dream!
    The key to profits, in de-industrialized Ponzi America , is no longer the capture or buying slaves, or getting a dividend share in the profits created by US industrial manufacturing workers. With high waged American labor this is now an impossibility and your money is better invested in China and Wal- Mart type companies, but the key is the incomes from rent paying American debt peons. Millions of the old middle class, after foreclosures, are joining the rental market as mortgage loans or refi-loans for buying houses in a falling in value are severely restricted.
    Therefore buying rentable properties is a growth industry. A great buying opportunity for foreign ‘carpetbaggers” that have cash in hand ,the Chinese from Singapore , middle class Australians or the rich elite of India ,rich Arabs like the Saudi royal family ,the bin Ladin family etc.

    For example the Australian Financial Review claimed on the 23/24 of this month that America was the “land of opportunity”, now open to middle class Australians willing
    to enter the housing property market. The growing crowded slums of the unemployed as usual offer the best returns but the real key is getting property with capured good quality debt peons.
    Example : one Aussie with cash was looking at a block of 44 rented apartments in Cleveland Ohio going for $450,000 or 10,000 for each apartment! Bringing in $170,000 in rents a year.

  7. 6:01. Who are you calling idiots you no asset owning motherf*cker. Have you ever taken an economics class in your life? Everything will be fine once the we hit bottom. We arent even close to a bottom. Housing? LOL. You've proven to be the poster child of IDIOT.

  8. 7:29 I believe you should be the one taking Economics lessons, Otherwise you would not be posting on this shit blog.....

  9. 10:08 I believe you just posted on this shit blog. That means you need to take a lesson in economics with 7:29. I just posted here as well so I guess that means I'll have to tag along with you guys.

    No but really whoever typed that bogus shit at 6:01 is a real comedian. He probably owns a shit blog himself.

  10. Thats good advice for foreign carpetbagers 6.21
    Crony capitalim and the american dream is apparently alive recovered and funtioning well in America still.
    Those kind of profits shown in the FR article are vey tempting .
    A chance for foreigners to join the American kleptomaniac class.
    But ,for small property investors ,just like the TBTF banks as you say ,the key to profits is finding good passive, honest, hardworking, responsible debt Peons.
    Willing to pay the rents.
    With horses or slaves one check or simply count their teeth.
    How does one find out for sure the real credit scores of debt peons in order to avoid business with those that took out lier loans?
    And can we believe the bankers that have foreclosed on and are selling once again these cheap houses, as they were the very same people who facilitated the lier loans and mortgage scams in the first place
    I do not trust American business now !
    It might be safer to just buy gold or silver?

  11. Where's Sam when we need him??!!

  12. Perhaps you are not aware that America is for sale to anybody with cash. Chicago just sold the rights to its parking meters. California sold off office buildings. Some states sold off their toll roads. And lots of foreclosed houses were bought by foreign investors.

    The argument over economics is ridiculous. The reason why states are raising taxes and fees is because states are required to have a balanced budget. They can't screw around by cooking the books like the federal government.

  13. Don't buy in Paraguay. Ex-president Bush owns all the water there.


  15. 6:01 that's two T's in Scott. Thanks in advance for the 200 year warning!

  16. Now wait just a damn minute there Jaspers.

    What could be wrong with people from different countries gobbling up our real estate?

    They are after all just people right?

    Name me ONE ethnic group that is not more than amply represented in this country allready?


    So what the frig is the difference - just think of them as your oriental american neighbors cousin - or Hispanic or jewish or muslim or indian or black or white or Japanese or chinese

    Hell already got 'em all here now anyway - it's not really a country anymore - more like a clusterfuck conglomerate of humanity

    Maybe that will make it more - uh let's say; pliable fer yall

  17. "So what the frig is the difference - just think of them as your oriental american neighbors cousin - or Hispanic or jewish or muslim or indian or black or white or Japanese or chinese"

    This is not your new neighbor Debt peon , but your absentee landlord.

    Who, while even if some of the small investors perhaps intend to move to america for up close and personal property income slum lord management,the big boys among them will after slipping Wall st a bit of cash, will live in gated communities with the rich elite .
    Away from the trailor trash and other Debt Peons.

  18. The point was " think of them "

    Them being the aristocratic elite of "other countries"

    Being your current neighbors ---- " cousin"

    Because -------------------------

    Your current neighbor is probably an " ethnic minority" whatever the hell that is. Because on the backs of the founding peoples of this country we have given "them" just about everything there is to give.

    Now, we're running out of blood

    That then

    Was my point.

  19. sharonsj said...
    Perhaps you are not aware that America is for sale to anybody with cash. Chicago just sold the rights to its parking meters. California sold off office buildings. Some states sold off their toll roads. And lots of foreclosed houses were bought by foreign investors....

    Of course under free trade globalism ,the Dollar hegemony ,that buy up of infrastucture from roads and parking meters and even the water supply monopolies is exactly what has been happening in the third world and developing countries for years. In partnership with the elites of those countries. America and its economy benifited from that.
    The local elites shipped their profits out to re-invest in the First world in US treasuries and in property mortgages .Providing cheap vendor financing for american housing and credit cards.
    The ordinary Third world locals have been impoverished by the international elites and local elites partnerships for cheap labor 'development, as capitalist free trade only benifits the first world countries and their local elite partners.
    The cost included maluntrition and US blood wars to keep the third world labor cheap and to get cheap natural resourses by proppping up local elites , including for oil priced in trade dollars by the Saidi royal family backed OPEC monopoly .
    With the collapse of the Ponzi economy
    Foreign capital supply began to dry up as the Ponzi economy could not pay up its promised dividends on Fannie and Freddie and sub mortgage property loans.
    The american consumers (not producers of wealth)had maxed out on their credit.

    The US government And FED nationalised the bankrupt F@F and bailed oot the dud bankster bonds and then turned to the printing press.
    Yet 4.01 says :
    "Now, we're running out of blood."

    And imagines as a "victim" of the system that the collape of the ponzi economy was the result of dirty tricks by the bankster elite in selling out Americans.
    He/she perhaps thinks that the old American economy was running and vendor financed by american blood sweat and tears.
    But america is a de-industrialised services based economy with 40 years of accumalated trade debts ,the bills have fallen overdue .
    But America produces nothing much of real physical value that can be exchanged in equal exchange at their real value with the rest of the world in order to pay off their government and private debts.
    Selling Corn and Porn ,wheat and soy grains , and militarism dysneyfied film and videos +windows and google can only bring in so much profit to a now de-industrialised backward country.
    So, the truth is America is in trouble because the credit supply has dried up as the third world elite is saying, we are not going to exchange our commodities for overvalued dollars whose value is being fast inlfated away and where bond rates are manipulated and bad .And because , we're running out of third world sweat, blood and tears to sell for shitty dollars.
    While as americans are now joining the third world they are being stripped of thir incomes from infrastucture that are now being privatised just as it happened in third world .
    Stop whining .
    The third world ,like with Chinas investment in Treasuries and F@F has the blood sweat and tear debts to worry about not americans .


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