Monday, October 25, 2010

CBS: Real Unemployment Rate Is 17%

CBS: "The national unemployment rate of 9.5% percent sounds incredibly high and of course, it is. But, it doesn't nearly capture the depth of the trouble. It doesn't count the people who've seen their hours cut to part-time, it doesn't count the people who've quit looking for work. If you add all of that together, the unemployed and the underemployed, it's not 9.5% percent, it's 17% and here in California it's 22%."
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  1. The 9-10% figure they conjured up in 2008 has been the same for quite some time. For two years straight, every month, people have lost way more jobs than those gained. The only jobs made available were fast food, grocery store, or other trivial positions that can hardly allow one to live.

    This little figure, which has oscillated from 9.5 to 9.8%, hasn't taken in any of the updated data. The real unemployment to begin with was abut 20%. That only counts actual unemployments and doesn't count those not employed altogether.
    There is no 9.5% anything, there never was. It's absolutely nonexistent.

  2. Its a funny thing when you think about what the REAL Unemployment rate must actually be. It seems comical to turn on the TV and see all the 'talking heads' yelling at each other over who is to blame for 9 percent unemployment. However, the real number has to be in the 24.7% range or Higher. You see this number in places like Detroit as its understood to actually be in the 50percent range because many have given up looking for Jobs as there arent any. Thank NAFTA for the giant sucking sound you hear when all the jobs dissapear. How is this 50% under-reported in Detroit? They just dont count them pure and simple, you no longer are a human being that counts. Its as if they erased your unemployed being from existence. Go tell your politician who knows the real figuires and he will tell you that you just dont count anymore. Why what about all the millions of unemployed Illegal Alien Mexicans who can no longer find work and have to live off Social Security and Food Stamps? These Illigals Mexicanos need work too or why would they swim accross the river? Even McDonalds has had to lay off millions of Illigal Mexicanos as there are too many of them and they can no longer employ every Mexican't that comes here.

    Yet here we are into the Future, no longer the powerhouse everyone believed in the back of thier mind... The Chinese are where the US manufacturing jobs relocated, they know who holds the purse strings. The Multinational Bankers sold this country down so that Fireside Sale Prices in Amerika could begin!

    For everyone that no longer exists in Guberment Stats - Nobody can see him, Nobody could ever hear him call...

  3. 20% of the illegals have already left the country and more are leaving every day.
    The ponzi pary is over!
    All that remains are the comfortably still employed and an overpopulation of aging American debt peons tied down to debts in America and desperately seeking a non existant minimum wage job.


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