Sunday, October 24, 2010

America Is Gone

There is a whiff of anarchy in the air this morning. As I sit here writing, a conservative victory in the midterm elections looms. But I find no reason to be optimistic. The midterm elections will solve nothing. The plain fact is that conservatives have lost the battle for America. The country that many of us were born in has ceased to exist. And we have no one to blame but ourselves. Nothing can or will change until we come to terms with the grim reality of moral degeneration. And I have no hope that this can happen, save by some terrible trial.

Last week in Oklahoma City, two pedestrians were run down by cars at the same intersection within a few hours. In one incident, the driver did not bother to stop, but continued driving as if nothing had happened. It was a horrific but perfect metaphor for the self-absorbed entitlement mentality that grips the country.

Every day, the news brings a startling new incident of moral corruption. A few days ago it was reported that an eighteen-year-old geology student at Arizona State University had starred in an online pornographic film in which she performed "explicit and degrading" sex acts for a one-time payment of $2,000. The young woman explained that she needed the money to supplement her scholarship, and then inexplicably proclaimed, "I have morals!"

We are a nation of gluttons. About one-third of adults in the U.S. are obese. To qualify as "obese," the average person has to be not just overweight, but carry an extra thirty-five pounds or more. In the last thirty years, the obesity rate in America has more than doubled. It is the sheerest irony that today, the average person has the choice of a multiplicity of fresh, wholesome, and nutritious foods, all available at the lowest prices in history. But choosing and preparing the best foods takes time and effort. We would rather stuff ourselves with fast food because it's tasty and convenient. The consequences of this slothful lifestyle include hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. After ruining our health through gluttony, we then go to our physicians and demand a quick fix in the form of a pill. Pharmaceutical companies are glad to oblige. And the government must pay, because free health care is now a "right."

There is no better index for America's moral degradation than television programming. Compare today's shows with those of a generation ago. Every episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" contained a short moral lesson, and "The Twilight Zone" challenged our intellects and stretched our imaginations. But entertainment and instruction have devolved into shock and novelty. The networks are locked in a downward spiral to see who can provide the most outrageous and offensive programming. It's not their fault. They're just giving the American people what they want.
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  2. The Texas Legislature likely to cut deep to meet possible $25 billion budget gap during the next legislative session that begin in Jan 2011 and end Jun 2011. I am going on record now to let all Texans know that Casino gambling will be put on the ballot for the first time. Watch these idiots work.


  4. I’m on a rant…

    Oh…let’s play the “blame game” and place the “real” blame on those that created this US and soon to be global “cluster”…the old world royalty & elite who despised the US from the onset of our revolution. Imagine their disdain and open hatred for a country of “misfits” that thumbed their noses at European aristocracy and decided “free men” could choose their destiny without approval of “the monarchy”. That without parental approval of the elite, we arose as a mighty God Fearing Nation with successes and global envy. Our current societal decline has been a long and deliberate attack, planned almost (100) years ago and implemented by such scum and villainy as Europe’s once dominant inbred ruling class (take a look at the Puppet Masters who attend Bildeberger) With billions & trillions they have cajoled, bribed and corrupted our once envied education, political, monetary and mass-comm institutions for their planned destruction of America, infecting our children with Socialistic and Communistic utopia…while attacking the very core of capitalism that defined our success as a nation. And…now with our trillions (borrowed on the backs of numerous generations) in European and Israeli banks they pull the final rug form under our feet…private property. The ingenuity of the mortgage crisis is truly genius. Loan mortgages knowing they’ll soon default, sell the paper numerous time to numerous banks so the paper trail is non-existent, dump trillions into 3-4 specific banks, take over mortgage lending and when all mortgages/title claims are tied up in court, offer to nationalize and control all property ownership through one lending institution…aka Fed. …end result…the end of private property right and the beginning of Fed-Elite ownership.

    No…I say place the "BLAME" where it firmly belongs…


  5. >It is the sheerest irony that today, the average person has the choice of a multiplicity of fresh, wholesome, and nutritious foods, all available at the lowest prices in history.< What have you been smoking? Weed, or something? What's the address of this store? All products sold in stores are either GMO based, GMO derived, tonnes of weird additives and "preservatives", that preserve nothing but a place on a graveyard. It takes us 2 hours to do shopping to read all the crap in the ingredient list on every bloody product we buy. Persecuting farmers distributing raw milk is the highest priority in Canada for the government goons. Farmers are cosidered as bio-terroists. There is no limit to this insanity.

  6. 12:32, Medina was an idiot. She was the same thing as Bush in almost every issue. Go waste time focusing on 9-11 conspiracy theory shit elsewhere. She was a waste of time as was Bush. 'Truth'ers are an even bigger waste of time. This is 2010, let's get with the times and get our heads to look forward not backwards.

    That's part of the fucking problem too, everyone is fascinated by interesting information and not focusing on essentials. What fucking difference would it make if the government took the towers down or terrorists? We are where we are now = A sewage system. You all seem to have such certainty that it was the CIA... what exactly is this solving?

    We're all covered in fucking slime and filth. This country has become a nation of brain deads, perverts, and addicts. Television has devoured our minds. Each webpage now has bots trying to scam people out of their money. 40 trillion spam emails were sent to people in 2009. Self obsession and egotism consumes every street corner, every t.v show, every online forum, every movement.

    The education system has universities filled with thousands of mindless kids that were suckered into debt with no direction in life like the girl mentioned in this article. Yet I'm sure nearly one million grown men would have seen her video by now. They probably have wives that don't get any of their attention either. They possibly have daughters her age.

    Do you think they care? I don't think they care at all.

  7. You couldn't make this shit up.

    "If you want to create jobs, the quickest way to do it is to provide more funding for food stamps"
    Link: Pelosi Ignoranti

    We're doomed.

  8. I am built like a lineman and always was and always will be and every time i hear one of you whiners talking about me being obese all i can say is take your feather ass underfeed sprout eating ass and move off the planet. Its the joggers out there who spend there whole life eating healthy and its the 3 pack cigarette smoker driving the bus that will take them out every time. Live and let live and enjoy them 50's programing Barney as you are living in the twilight zone.

  9. 5:25

    I thought fat people were jolly?

  10. It's a fantasy to think that the USA was anywhere higher on the morality scale than it is now. Slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the only nation to destroy thousands by dropping the A bomb.

    The USA has been and will be sick. Conservatives are simply mad that they aren't running the show.

  11. 6:07 The only thing sick on this board is you and your hatred for America. You may thank you sorry rear end that the A bomb was dropped on Japan as one of the 1000's of troops that would have had to invade Japan and been killed could have been your grandpa. In your case that possibility might have been a good thing so we would have one less American hater around. Have you investigated the price of a one way ticket to Venezuela lately? Chavez have would love to have you! You would fit in perfectly!

  12. A nation of mongrels trillions in debt.

  13. A nation of mongrels trillions in debt.

    I resent that. I'm a mongrel with massive amounts of cash and equally massive amounts of gold and silver.


    See that's what 500 years of inbreeding does.
    Last one left in America...
    Please switch off the lights before you leave.

  15. got gold?

    ok silver too.


  16. Whiners and scofflaws living in the land of the fee and the home of the slave.

    You did it to your collective selves. Not carrying your own load, hitchhiking on the backs of others. Lopsided morals have installed corrupt politicians fueling demand more goods and services so the lazy corn feed masses can sit on their asses.

  17. Anonymous said...
    It's a fantasy to think that the USA was anywhere higher on the morality scale than it is now. Slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the only nation to destroy thousands by dropping the A bomb.

    Its no good worrying if the A bombs on Japan was a crime against humanity ,the morality of an attack on civilians as targets, like the bombing of Tokyo or bombing german cities like Dresden ,things not even mentioned at Nuremberg or the trial of some japanese war criminals.
    The good thing is that the A bomb saved a lot off Soviet and Russian butt!
    As they did not have to send their army into Japan too.The americans would have had a tough time finding enough troops to do so.

    After all it was the Soviet Union that lost millions of men and first destroyed the Nazis in Europe at Stalingrad and Kursk , while the Americans had mostly sat on the sidelines chatting about the timing of opening a second front for years.

    ( while apparently preserving their forces and even perhaps watching on which side they might jump as the end deciders ?)

    In the East the, US was forced to take on the Japanese Navy after Pearl Harbour, they had little other choice.
    The Americans call this the “Pacific War” . A war they mainly fought with naval power.

    The Soviet Union was Neutral early in the Anti-Japanese war.

    After some (relatively small island engagements) with the Japanese army especially after meeting solid resistance at Iwo jima and Okinawa , The US was not too keen on its soldiers landing and fighting the Japanese army on the land .

    Luckily the Soviets had saved Americans from the need to fight the Japanese army on the ground on mainland Asia , where the biggest part of the Japanese army was .

    After first destroying the German army ,then Then Soviets, as agreed, declared war on Japan to help the Americans and had began by destroying the huge Japanese Armies that had an industrial base in Machuria and Korea and large armies in China.
    The Japanese could not stand and did not last long against the Mighty Red army led by Stalin!
    That joining of the war against Japan was part of the deal the Russians had to make in begging to get the Americans to be really serious and to open a second front against Germany and as part of the end of the war deals made at Yalta.

    Luckily the Soviets had began to save Americans from the need to fight the Japanese army on the ground in Asia where the biggest part of the Japanese army was .
    This bomb was top secret till dropped and the Russians in agreeing to join the fight against the Japanese did not know that the bomb could be used by America in a timely way as it had not been available to use against Germany.
    In the end Japan was put in a squeeze its navy was already destroyed ,then now its Army was being destroyed in Asia by the Russians on the one side , just as the Americans had got lucky by the timely development of an atomic bomb on the other.

    Americans are educated to see only the bomb ,“that won the war”and saved American military lives ,as the main thing and not to see the role of the mighty Red army in ending the war.

  18. I can't stand these shitty elitist articles, pretty much always written by a member of the elite or allowed to be published and then pushed by them.

    Americans are fat because employers work Americans to the bone and don't give them time to slow down and actually have good food. Not that they could probably get good food if they tried, anything that is processed or filled with pesticides is not nutritious. Surprise, surprise, all the food that you can buy in the supermarket is either pumped up full of horomones, filled with pesticides, or is processed junk.

    Then after you get sick eating all this crap, and being worked to death because if you don't spend all your time working you are "lazy" and "entitled" you go to a doctor who complains about his medical malpractice insurance fees while he hops you up full of drugs that are designed to kill you slowly so that you need more drugs.

    You do all this to provide for your kids, who everyone says is also lazy while they study and process far more information than you ever had to do when you were their age, meanwhile they are in a dumbed down educational system that is stacked against them and will just put them in debt while not giving them any skills or opening any doors.

    That is the REAL reason America has a problem now, not because somehow the people have all become stupid and lazy, yet they all have higher IQs, have far more overall knowledge and work much harder than in the past. They also generally exercise harder for some people but it just gets them nowhere anyway.

    Print media needs to go away.

  19. The number of obese people has indeed doubled in the last 30 years. This was a result of redefining obesity which with a stroke of the pen doubled the number of people declared to be obese. While there is no doubt the Western world has an obesity problem, this kind of lying is hardly useful. Generally speaking the total numbers of obese people by any one standard has not changed significantly in the last 30 years.

  20. I think the 1:00 PM posting by "Dan” says it all. It's time for Americans to suck it up...realize we've been royally screwed, stand up and “right the wrongs”. The obese giant is starting to awaken and the peon progressives are frightened. Reading most of the anti-American rhetoric identifies the cointel agents…we’re tiring of your Lenonistic writings...damn Bolsheviks!

  21. Every time a Republican is elected, they weaken the nation.

  22. The implication is the Republicans could have saved us to begin with. Fat chance! Oh my, one "morally corrupted" female makes a porno, now may god have mercy on our great, pure country! Do you know how many girls dance at strip clubs to put themselves through school (or just to buy nice fancy cars)? Let's get with the game plane. This kind of stuff has and always will exist in a thoroughly divided society of haves and have nots, filthy rich and a large majority of struggling poor that number in the millions and millions. The previous poster was correct. When was America ever uncorrupted and pure? Never.

  23. Every time a Democrat is elected, they weaken and corrupt the nation.

  24. "Emerald City"
    I've finally found it
    I'm feeling my way all around it
    I'm gonna surround it

    Soon everything's going to be fine
    Hey hey
    I can do what I say

    I'm lost in a sweet dream
    I'm living on chocolate ice cream
    I'm letting off my steam

    Now everything's going to be fine
    High high
    I think I'll learn how to Fly

    Think I will turn on the TV which will tell me that everything is gonna be ok...
    Veg out to a show that tells me everything is growing (the 10 million jobs never existed) and there is no downfall for the Great American Dream... they say its ok as long as its just a dream, because it will be Illegals that will take your job one way or another, You dream was for sale, Super Cheap! Fireside Sale for any dreams you might have had, first bidder up? Chineses...

  25. The girl in the video had social mental adjustment problems as told by those who knew her...I make no excuses for her nasty behavior just stating things said by people who knew her in junior/high school.

    Both Repubs and Demos are crap as a whole...Go Ron/Rand Paul!

    To 1:41 what world do you live in where Americans are hard workers and sooo smart? Info is out there...Shows on tv, radio and books telling us how to eat and exercise yet most of us do the opposite...We drive everywhere, eat crap on purpose and refuse to read anything that teaches us...Everything is entertainment or ignored.

    When Rome fell it died because the Romans had cheapened themselves and no longer fought or had pride...They had slaves and mercenaries to do all their dirty work...Those people didn't have the loyalty that Romans had for Rome obviously...So it sunk into a mire of wars, circuses and bread to placate the masses ala American Idol and food stamps.

    In other country kids participate in televised contests of mental agility...Spelling Bees/Chess contests/Math contests etc etc...Here it's what 9 year old can look like a stripper while gyrating to a Christina Aguilera song...Who is to blame?

    Does someone force the Big Mac in my mouth? Does someone force me to change PBS to instead watch "Jersey Shore?" Do Timmy's parents have some fault in Timmy being diabetic and obese at 8 while sitting all day watching TV and playing PSIII instead of catch?

    We all need to understand that the nation is sick and we can only change our surroundings...The rest is moving so quick to collapse that all we'll do is go crazy looking at all the faults.

    Black/hispanic neighborhoods are done...It's already crazy here in Cali and it's about to get all wild wild west...Annie get your gun time.

  26. The Russian spy, Anna Chapman, that was uncovered here in NY this past June was put on the cover of Maxium in Russia.

    She was a glorified, half naked, spy (so-called level of intelligence) whom practically all the Russian men were lusting after.

    No wonder women feel like objects (for mens disposal rather than a helpmeet for a man).

  27. Anon at 7.39 is correct. The life and disability insurance companies are the ones that decide who is obese and who is not. about 25 years ago they changed all their tables and overnight 30% of the population of the USA went from being a normal weight to obese. Which bumped the obese into morbid obese catagory which in turn meant the insurance companies could charge more premiums. Other Western country insurance companies did the same thing to increase their profits as well. That is not to say that we do have problems with overweight people but it is not an epidemic the way government is claiming.

  28. 3:40pm have you not been to a walmart/target/kmart/park/school etc lately?

    All I see is FAT people with rolls who look like they can't run from their house to the corner of their street with an oxygen machine...I recently went to the DMV here in North Cali...There were close to 200-250 people...I could count the people that looked in shape and healthy with 2 hands.

    Even the little kids of 6-7 were fat! Now that's a shame not on society or the evil companies but on the parents...Since when is having 30% of your weight being body fat considered healthy.

    It depends on the race and social class but where I'm at (Monterey Ca.) I'm almost sure that I'm already looking at 50% obesity rate...I do agree with you on the BMI chart that doesn't take into cosideration the size growth of Americans since probably 1970...But any time your body fat percentage is in the 20's-30's then you my friend are a fatty or bordering too heavy to be healthy.

    Unless you're Brock Lesner...End of rant.

  29. People who have to use plastic surgery to make themselves acceptable and loved by others, including older men who have to have their turkey roll lifted up, but they cheated with plastic surgery!

    Too many divorces because people treat each other like shit, no wonder society is a garbage can!

    Divorce people have too much baggage and do not deserve another marriage until they learn how to be selfless. Otherwise they are wasting their time because they end up being obnoxious as hell.

  30. I wonder whether radio talk-show host Clark Howard believes there is anarchy coming. He advocates us saving our money. But if he thought the dollar would implode and cause anarchy, wouldn't he recommend spending our money while we still can?

    Clark Howard, if you can read this, will you comment please?

  31. I'm not going to do CRAP to change the system. I am prepared, and will just sit back and watch all the sheeple fight over the last roll of toilet paper

  32. anon 5:04 PM I think you discovered the cause of obesity! It isn't McDonalds or lack of excercise. It's waiting to be served at the DMV.


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