Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Are They Spying On You?

Do you remember the good old days the when it used to be illegal for governments to spy on their citizens? I don’t either… but I’m told that it used to be illegal. Oh how times have changed.
The British government went out of control years ago; one report from the BBC in 2009 showed that an average of 1,500 petitions are submitted -every day- to conduct surveillance on UK citizens.
In the latest (publicized) perversion of government power, federal agents are now ordering real-time tracking of credit card transactions, travel information– pretty much anything right down to what brand of peanut butter you buy, and all without judicial or citizen oversight
Known as ‘hotwatch orders,’ government agents are able to write their own administrative subpoenas to surveil US citizens; they request the records of phone companies, Internet service providers, video rentals, and even frequent flier / customer loyalty programs at airlines and grocery stores.
Without court oversight, the subpoenas do not even need to be part of an ongoing investigation or suspicion of criminal wrongdoing; US federal agents can simply decide that a particular individual should be tracked, and then compel private companies to provide a real time feed of his/her activities.
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  1. Hot watch this you piss ants. Data you want, then data you shall get. Go 100% cash transactions; 100,000 drug dealers can't be wrong with this tactic. Then make it a habit to fill out new customer loyalty cards each visit and be sure to use a prominent name or two. Specifically looking for public officials on the wagon to up their beer and wine consumption.

    HAVE FUN WITH IT... REMEMBER GARBAGE IN = GARBAGE OUT. Illegal actions require unusual response.

  2. I am outraged!!! What the HELL are we suppose to do. We should be in the streets. We the american people have become the enemy. Why because we oppose this government. What the hell are tv screens going into to walmart for, can anybody tell me. Everyday we lose somepart of our freedoms. I keep praying for God's help, EVERYDAY. Protect us from these dictators. We are being dictated to by the media, hollywood and politicians. Americans be damned. We're too stupid to do anything for ourselves. We are financially doomed because morally we have comitted suicide. Look who is running the country, Look who we have elected to represent this country. OBSAMA, REID, PELOSI. This country will fall, when people are on their knees to GOD not obama reid or pelosi, just maybe HE will have mercy on us and help us. GOD help us.

  3. The grinch is stealing Christmas at wall mart
    Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest retailer, raised prices on hundreds of toys this month, squeezing more out of sales during the biggest shopping period of the year.
    Wal-Mart managers in the U.S. received instructions to mark up an average of 1,800 types of toys per store, according to a company e-mail dated Nov. 30 obtained by Bloomberg News. The e- mail didn’t disclose specific increases. The prices were changed “to better enable your store and the company to have a successful financial month

    The TV screens are there to report any subversive or whining types talking in store about how rising inflation like in toy prices is caused by excess money printing in an insolvent capitalism and suggesting people should fight back .

    This is the purest form of anti business subversisive anti American economic terrorism.
    As defined in patriot acts and executive orders .

    Benjamin the Poohbah of the printing press assures everybody that inflation is under control and America is on track to be OK

    This is the official American MSM approved truth .

    So credit card ,debt buying ,must be restrained too.

    Price rises, meaning your dollars are worth less for toys and gifts is pure illusion.
    Watch out for anyone who looks like a Muslim near the Christmas lights section or whining about toy prices.
    Report any suspect at the check out for homelnd security to watch.
    The subversives are trying to undermine confidence in Christmas ,America and the buying power of the mighty dollar in order to destroy the economy and the great jobless recovery!

  4. yeah it's too bad most think they HAVE to buy anything for christmas. it's an option, do or don't, make something, from an item to a pie, or give love, time, wisdom...canning supplies lol


  6. I HOPE THEY ARE SPYING ON US! It is the right thing to do. Who else is going to make sure everyone is behaving morally and ethically if not the government and its corporations like blackwater and haliburton? It's a good thing that nazi George W. Bush kicked this whole thing into high gear back in 2001. There are too many lazy socialist scumbags in this country that think family values are a luxury and not God's will. LOL!!!

  7. Bush had some better Corporate State socialist bailout ideas than Obammy
    True Republicans beleive in socialism for middle class americans.
    Bush did not even wait for TARP socialism for banksters , but as a man of the people ,didnt he just go ahead post out extra tax refund relief checks to all the taxpayers class?
    With the instructions to get out and buy to restore the consumerist economy like good Americans practising Reganite trickle down economics!He was the MAN.
    Obammy may have been forced to go along with the socialist republicans deal to hand out extentions to the bush tax cuts for the better off and in return only to continue with the 99 weeks limit to unemployment benifits and did not I beleive inrease the amount paid out in food stamps .COLA adjustments are a thing of the past!
    This is responsible economics forced on the spendthrift Democrats that only practice socialisim for the unionised low lifes,
    This change, in congress is a good proper class stand against poorer peoples blackmail and riot threats.
    The american government must not be stood over by the lazy rabbles threats , only by the banksters and shareholders in the american way .
    But I am more hopeful that the new Republican T Party type middle class socialists crowd will do more for their middle class entitlement supporters next year.
    Especialy the baby boomers .
    These republican new socialists should learn from Bush socialism and should just post out another bigger extra bonus refund check next year to taxpayers.
    Ben can just print the money like Bush told them Timmy to do for the TARP bailouts.
    The only socialism I can believe in .
    God bless america !

  8. You raise a good point. Only the most foolish believe that the democrats are the socialists and what the republicans are doing (gods work!) does not amount to the same thing, but for corporations, the middle class, and wealthy. If there were no demoracts we would be in the exact same position, only we would have less individual liberties and would have polluted ourselves much more quickly. Without republicans, well where would all those uptight white americans place their faith? Fiscally we probably would have put ourselves in the corner faster but at least we wouldnt have had these spooky operations like 911 and Operation Northwoods. One man's passion is another man's poison.

  9. I heard the same thing about Mexico. Mexico will annex us or we will annex them.

    What is so bad about a new world order? Perhaps it would eliminate the need for a military and liberate lotsa cash for civic-minded projects.

    Everyone would be covered by single-payor healthcare.


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