Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Greece in Huge New Riots

A fresh national strike has paralyzed Greece, with more rallies against sweeping new austerity measures being held. The government's plans aim to reduce debt, in order to meet the conditions set by an international bailout. The unions triggered the 24-hour general strike in reaction to newly approved labor reforms and pay cuts to public servants..

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  1. who is the guy at the end of the video....with the bloody head??

  2. This isn't a riot. it's a huge play put on by the police. The police are also the rioters. It's just a tool to take their right to protest away. Maybe a few followers begin to throw rocks and they get their ass beat for real. Look at the video closely.

  3. 12:44
    The former Minister for Development Kostis Hatzidakis was attacked by protesters outside a luxury hotel. He was escorted, bleeding from the scene as his attackers yelled "thieves" at him.

  4. Want to hear something interesting? Firstly my intellectual and intuitive basis is a mix between Taoism, Gnosticism, and Pragmatic Nihilism. Though, I have a predilection for a conservative social attitude.

    This is centered upon values where we leave people alone who don't want to be bothered, we have fidelity in relationships where two people love each other and sex is absent until love is present, moderate our activities and regulate desires, families stay together, read books and breathe in real life rather than blasting the radio and television, exercise, boys are to be taught chivalry through discipline and learning respect towards women, girls need to develop self esteem through a father's encouragements and it should be inculcated upon them that they are worth more than sex objects in the world, we teach children to use their minds and hearts and get rid of the disgusting role models they have now that just go around killing, doing drugs, or raping in shows and in music.

    The interesting part, since I felt it important to give an outline of my relatively complex nature (suigeneris), will now be delineated. I watched the whole video, while watching I was getting incredibly excited and mesmerized by the whole thing. I was thinking, "Am I evil? Why do I love the way this looks? Is this perhaps an innate human instinct that is programmed genetically in the subconscious? Something that people pretend they don't feel?"

    A twist then occured, when I saw the man at the end being beaten and his face bloody, he looked totally depleted and immobilized in fear/shock. Watching the destruction throughout I was thrilled, then out of nowhere I bursted into tears watching the guy in that condition.

    I'm sure people might have reacted with laughter, or a sense of justice, some perhaps totally indifferent. Others maybe observed the video for a reason obfuscated in the incognito of their deeper self that, possibly, hasn't questioned why they do "things". That of course can include religious dogma, academic doctrines, philosophical stances, concluding reality with a mentally fabricated answer, drugs, masturbation/sex, work, looking in the mirror, trying to beat someone to a stop sign, going to a gathering which doesn't interest you, etc.

    Spontaneous crying by watching someone suffer through a video after getting excited by ostensible human chaos. Empaths are the opposite of sadists, sadly there are more intelligent sadists in the world than there are intelligent empaths. But I don't about an empath being able to feel suffering through a video, unless of course it may be vicarious through the imagination. Afterall, an physical experience is only experienced to the intesity of mental focus (here-now).

    I'm at a point where I feel completely neutral to all groups and systems of mind, I really don't classify myself as Taoist, Gnostic, a thinnker, a conservative, an anarchist, good person, empath, bad person, whatever. Everything I come across seems to have this null sensation. People bore me, even though I try to be patient if they can't understand me. I can't find anyone at my level or higher yet, and I most certainly can't find a worthy group. At this point any spiritual aspirant should head to a cave and meditate, as the Buddha said. But I know the period we're entering isn't about hiding from negative people or stupidity.

    I can't attain direction, it seems everywhere I expontentially grow consciously and lose more attachments. Still no direction. Every time I formulate an objective with a perceived truth it shatters. Assuming then that the Universe, if it does have a plan for me, all I have to do is keep emptying myself out so the Universe can enter.

    Does anyone relate to this at all or have any advice?

  5. 1:26 Sounds like you are a human with emotions. As as far as the part about finding anyone on your level, you have to kind of step back a bit. I know as I get older, my sense of self importance (superiority) diminishes. Even though I still know I am smarter than lots of sheep, I know there are other people smarter than me.
    There is an old saying: We don't know what we don't know. Maybe we think we are smart because we don't know what we don't know.

  6. If I am a true thinker, the more I learn the more I realize how much more there is to know about what it is I am working on learning, therefore, the more I learn the less I know.:)


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