Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Europe On Fire

Riots in England, Ireland, Greece, France, Italy, Russia, Germany, Belgium, and Spain


  1. Coming to America soon.

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  3. Street demonstrations and protests 'mouthwinds' and the odd window smashed are generaly easily handled by the police and the organised forces of the PTB including the propaganda organs of the MSM
    Baricades on the street have long since past there use by date when confonted by modern military force.
    The unions of the labor aristocracy are not organised at the point of production for effective strikes as in the old days.
    the labor aristocracy services workers who have benifited from imperialism and the dollar hegemony in the past before the great Ponzi imploded and in general only seek and hope for a restoration of the old level of bribes and subsidiesand property bubbles and like the rich only demand more money printing to benifit themselves individualy .
    There demands are mere survival in the face of credit restrictions and growing inflation a restoration of the Ponzi economy at the old levels of wealth distribution rather than all the bailout money going to socialise the losses of capital .
    Like many baby boomers involved in the Tea party they tend to be reactionary and blame the economic crisis on 'bad management" and excess money printing for deficits rather than on a total debt crisis caused by an inability of their highly paid' wage levels by world standards ,to produce a real profit for capital with a drying up of foreign supplied credit.

  4. Burn baby burn!!!

  5. So like when's the next Bilderberg meeting? They better quicken the pace to get the guns out of US' hands, Holden will be shunned from the Shire soon if he doesnt get his shit together. Notice something about all of these guns, a little tear gas and some backup troops and the scatter, TRY THAT SHIT OVER HERE !! BLOODY SUNDAY REVISITED

  6. Opps, typo...meant Holder, please disregard my drunkeness

  7. PROOF Europeans who watch almost no tv vs. goodoleusofa sheeple slave units watches 8+ hours a day!

    No demonstrations in the usa, no one cares, brainwashed dumbed down idiots.

    The collapse is happening now, and what do the sheeple say?


    Do you get it yet?

  8. Yes it is true, the Americans here are very much satisfied with their cell phones, myspace, medical marijuana, and television to have no need for concern about their livelihoods.

    My gosh those cops look lost. Ostensibly Russian police are more brutal, go figure. What a waste. The people throwing or breaking shit look like they have no direction, the cops look like they have no goal either.

    The police seemed like they are only doing whatever since it's their job, the Greek and London scenes looked especially pittiful. This is proof no police state can come. We are entering mad anarchy, on a global scale. What a fucking mess.

    You know when the Roman Empire fell it took Europe ("the world") about 500 years to start finding direction again. It was called the Dark Age because there was a fallout of thinking, no progress, and nor any goals for humanity. The conclusion came with a Christianizing of the western world with the Papacy as the center.

    Today the technologies we have, which won't go away despite this global collapse, will end up sitting on the side lines. All the computers, electricity in buildings, vehicles, radios, guns, fuel, etc. all being skirmished around in a disordered manner for who knows how long. Hundred years? 1000? Maybe it will end with people getting their hands on nukes who just figure, "Let's end this crap."

  9. This is coming to America soon, are you ready? If not you should be!

  10. 9.28
    do not have a western euro /christian /papacy centered world view.
    The capital of the roman Rome moved to constantinople and the 'Roman empire" of the East lasted hundreds of years.
    Its further degeneracy after it officialy adopted the state religion of greek Othodox christianity led to its replacement by Muslim governments .
    The dark ages were only in the papacy influenced barbarian West .

  11. 10:09 that's what I said.

    "You know when the Roman Empire fell it took Europe ("the world") about 500 years to start finding direction again. It was called the Dark Age because there was a fallout of thinking, no progress, and nor any goals for humanity. The conclusion came with a Christianizing of the western world with the Papacy as the center."

    See the part in parenthesis that is quoted, "the world". This accentuated how the Europeans believed themselves to be the center of the world. It also would emphasize how we know today that there were worlds in Africa, America (S and N), Asia, and the Pacific that could care less about Europe's troubles.

    But you do know that the Pope was an early form of NWO right? Think about it. Rome did collapse, the Byzantine Empire was hardly "Roman". They had acquired Greek, Semitic, and Asiatic cultures within. Going into the Medieval Ages they were really an empire of their own, similar to the Holy Roman Empire, which had nothing to do with Rome.

    The Romans conquered much of Briton, all Iberia (modern day Spain), North Africa, Egypt, Anatolia, Italy, Greece, some lands in the Mideast and of course Gaul (modern day France). They knew about Parthians, Armenians, and other easterners, but they were not aware of Chinese people, Koreans, and especially were not aware of the Third World (The Americas).

    Having that much land, thinking it didn't extend past that point, they really believed they had ruled the world. Alexander the Great, without conquering half of what the Romans did, really thought he had made the world Greek in his campaign through Anatolia, all the way to the Indus.

    This fanatacism about one world ruler, was transformed into the Pope. As you said, the Muslim Empire (of course, broke off into many different Islamic Kingdoms), was part of the reason for the Crusades. Gold and wealth was primary, secondary was the belief of conquering a whole world.

    What happened when the church started losing power in the Renaissance and the Americas, Africa, and the Orient was being colonized by the elites of Europe? The one world desire was played out by this! Colonialism. What happened then in WW1? Aristocrats were blamed for what happened and then had to change their image. They became Socialists. Socialism in fascist form took two images: Communists, and Nazis. In America the Eurocentric Aristocrats had already planted their poison in the 19th century with banks and the education system (designed to turn humans into unthinking sheep).

    WW2 finished, America became the superpower. The globe was in turmoil as Colonialism was facing off against Communism (both having the same derivative (European Elites). Throughout that whole period, the Cold War, America was then under attack from within. Further and further the Progressives, Corporate Capitalists, Socialists, and Eugenicists manipulated, conspired, and devoured the humanity within the United States until now they have destroyed us.

    We're at the End of History, as Marx called it. This is the end of a 6,000 year swindle to translate - which was the beginning of hierarchial governments.

    So keep in mind, as a note of interest: Rome = Pope = Aristocrats = Progressives = Socialists = Communists = Nazis = Neocons = Liberals = Fabians = Templars = Academician Elites = Church Authoritarians = Military Leaders = Drug Cartels = Terror Networks = Government

    Everything there is connected in some way and strenghtens each other to ordain a more powerful grip on the human mind and spirit. We have a chance now to get rid of them as you can see in the video.

  12. "So keep in mind, as a note of interest: Rome = Pope = Aristocrats = Progressives = Socialists = Communists = Nazis = Neocons = Liberals = Fabians = Templars = Academician Elites = Church Authoritarians = Military Leaders = Drug Cartels = Terror Networks = Government"

    You make NO sense. Google "the red scare" and "McCarthyism" to understand where part of your indoctrination and fear arises from.

  13. 4GW = making your wish list now.... target identification and catalogueing must take place now, not in the midst of the turmoil coming..... are you enjoying the LAST amerikonsumer christmas???

  14. 4:25, you reduced everything I said to an election period and a general of the USA? Are you a communist yourself? Are you a conservative patriot? Which one are you? Cause if I don't make sense just because I condemn communism as well as capitalism you are incredibly prejudiced. How horrible for a communist to have their belief system be considered the same exact thing as capitalism. You must hate that. Does it feel like someone stabbed your heart?

    If you are the patriot type, considering I can't unshroud where you stand from what part you didn't like my post, you might just be a Tea Party type who doesn't like impractical geniuses.

    I hate both Communism and Capitalism. Communism killed 100 million people in the 20th century. Nazis caused six million deaths, both Socialists. But as a thinking individual I know we can do better than capitalism. Have fun in your riots you dimwit commie.

  15. They need a V and a John Galt to rally around

  16. There have been protests around the U.S. but the mainstream media barely covers them. Only the Tea Party got decent coverage and that should tell you something about the right's agenda.

  17. Who wants to be a cop... raise your hands!

    These New World Order protectors will get their asses kicked. New World Order will find the novelty of the uniform will wane very quickly.
    You could see it on the faces of many of the police, many were confused and had to be doing a reality check on their career choice.

    As for the people. Leaders will emerge.
    The corrupt system cannot win.
    Determined people with their back against the wall cannot be stopped.

  18. I bet as the Elite watched this video they came to the realization they don't have enough cattle cars.... better put a rush on those back orders!

    But seriously one thing European citizens have learned from history is that they will not line up and go quietly.

  19. Sharonsj - As usual, you are seriously unbalanced. Once again I will call you out on your totally FALSE and absolutely RIDICULOUS statements: "Only the Tea Party got decent coverage"? Are you friggin' nuts? The Tea Party only got coverage from the lamestream media AFTER it become so large and potent that it couldn't be ignored anymore.

    The Tea Party was responsible for the devastating electoral defeat of your beloved House Democraps and will be equally responsible for Obozo's's inglorious defeat in 2012.

  20. Sharonsj - Hmmm, that's funny because I seem to recall very adequate mainstream media coverage of the radical leftist/union-organized protests in Arizona earlier this year. Do you feel bad that your lefty friends are not getting enough media coverage these days? Then maybe you should watch Glenn Beck because he shows lefties in rage every night!

  21. 6:34 you sound like one unhappy, judgmental person. You have this nice big image of me painted inside your groggy little head. Do you often project this much on some anonymous poster you don't even know?

    Your comment is commical to all but the most lacking of a sense of humor. Do you really believe liberals, templars, nazis, and commies are all the same thing? You have a sore lack of perspective and history.

    Try reading something other than the inquirer for the news.

    And oh yeah, you ripped my heart out by denouncing communism and calling me a dimwit commie. LOL...get a clue! You rastifarian!

  22. 1232 you jesus fuckers are the ones in a rage over your fake war on christmas farce

  23. anyone else notice that the only people in these protest that even appear overweight are the police? The rioters are all skinny (hungery)and unemployeed. Will the fat americans actually get off their ass and do the same? I think not.

  24. Police are generally fat, they also hire the ones with low iq's the lower the better, so they will take orders, kick ass and not suffer any repercussions.

  25. Europeans don't have access to firearms for the most part. If this happens in the USA it could get nasty.


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