Monday, December 6, 2010

Bernanke Has Been Wrong 100% of The Time

When Bernanke made it clear he would institute QE2 in early October the 10 Year Treasury was at 2.4%. Today, it is 3.0%. Mortgage rates are tied to the 10 year Treasury. They are rising, not falling. Bernanke is lying. His sole purpose for QE2 is to make the stock market go higher, enriching his Wall Street masters.
His 2nd BIG LIE is that there is no inflation. In his little world of models there is no inflation. In the real world, where we live there is plenty of inflation. I guess his limo driver doesn’t tell him that gas now costs $3.25 a gallon. Let’s assess his no inflation lie:
  • Oil is at $89 a barrel, up 21% in the last year.
  • Gold is trading at $1,413, up 23% in the last year.
  • Silver is trading at $30, up 66% in the last year.
  • Copper is trading at 4 per pound, up 26% in the last year.
  • Corn is trading at 573 a bushel, up 49% in the last year.
  • Soybeans are trading at 1,300 a bushel, up 23% in the last year.
  • Wheat is trading at 779 a bushel, up 41% in the last year.
  • Pork is trading at 104 a pound, up 23% in the last year.
  • Beef is trading at 106 a pound, up 28% in the last year.
  • Cotton is trading at 130 per pound, up 78% in the last year.
  • Sugar is trading at 29 per pound, up 32% in the last year.
  • Coffee is trading at 205 per pound, up 40% in the last year.
If you think these figures couldn’t possibly be correct, go to this link and verify for yourself.
Evidently, Mr. Bernanke thinks that the sheeple will just believe him because he is the Federal Reserve Chairman. The truth is that only two things are deflating: middle class wages and home prices. Bernanke certainly has chutzpah when blatantly lying to the American public about inflation. I’m sure none of you drive cars, heat your homes, eat food, or wear clothes.
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  1. Food and Fuel don't count. The price of a house is down. Maybe since that is the giant turd in the room that is what he is focused on.

  2. At the end of his disasterous reign Louis the XVI was broke...Too many debts, too many wars, too much waste...The country was swollen with thoughts of revolution.

    He called in his finance ministers and basically said this "I know we're fucked...Can we keep this charade going till I'm dead?"

    Anyone see ANY comparisons? It doesn't even have to be obama it can be "president fill in the blank."

    I feel sorry for who ever takes the presidency after these last 2 idiots...They are actually "Empire Killers."

    Anyone see history repeating itself?

  3. these articles are very bias, now please tell based on your economic models, what happens when you do not employ QE2?

    The world crumbles... Either way i think were screwed, but this atleast buys the population some time... and it is fixable. its not a black and white answer. but its the best we have going for us..

    Now oil is not 22% above 144/brl- meaning we are still in a deflationary enviroment, sure we have inflated commoditys and equitys over the last year, but if that is the only thing we are concerned about, that being, well this time last year oil was cheaper.. Ya but 3 years ago it was more expensive. So has it inflated or deflated?

    The shear fact that there are so many people who do not understand this stuff 99%, allows the system to work even though money is being printed... were are ultimately in big deep trouble. but its really the smartest thing to do.. go enjoy the day with your friends and family. Just enjoy what u do have.

  4. 1:06 stop the mindless posts. Learn to use a graph, put all prices of commodities, food, etc on a scale. Look at the massive inflation from year to year. THEN..go enjoy your family, while you wake up and find yourselves STARVING to death.

    If they did not do any QE, we would be way better off. We would have suffered at first, it's the long term demise and collapse we will be enduring that will be catastrophic.

  5. 1:06 - What you don't seem to understand is that those of us who are against QE1,2,3,etc. fully acknowledge that things would "fall down" - but it is NECESSARY in order to rebalance the system. You are the one who is ignorant here. Delaying the collapse of the Ponzi scheme doesn't provide "time to fix it" - it just delays the inevitable, and makes the mess worse. The only way to fix a Ponzi scheme is to stop it and let it collapse, and then clean up the mess. The longer the Ponzi scheme goes on, the WORSE THE MESS IS.

  6. 1:19, 1:25 excellent
    1:06 youre stuck on stupid

  7. 1:06 I think you're writing style is a a shade between black and white. I love your double adjectives, "big deep trouble". Were screwed. I were damned to find myself in big deep trouble. How were i going to get out of bad horrible mess? Helicopter Ben can fly over and save me and loan me a trillion dollars.

    u see what i mean? roflmao


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