Friday, December 17, 2010

The Internet Is Finished: Setup By Wikileaks

WikiLeaks sparks push for tighter controls.

The United Nations is considering whether to set up an inter-governmental working group to harmonise global efforts by policy makers to regulate the internet.
Establishment of such a group has the backing of several countries, spearheaded by Brazil.
At a meeting in New York on Wednesday, representatives from Brazil called for an international body made up of Government representatives that would to attempt to create global standards for policing the internet - specifically in reaction to challenges such as WikiLeaks.
The Brazilian delegate stressed, however, that this should not be seen as a call for an "takeover" of the internet.
India, South Africa, China and Saudi Arabia appeared to favour a new possible over-arching inter-government body.
However, Australia, US, UK, Belgium and Canada and attending business and community representatives argued there were risks in forming yet another working group that might isolate itself from the industry, community users and the general public.
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  1. Ron Paul stated the Internet will be gone/regulated by 2011.

  2. When was this NSA/DARPA gift ever free? This was a well baited trap to suck in aspect of your private life.

    Mission accomplished.

  3. Why blame Wikkileaks? It gave us info that should be known...Don't blame the messenger for the faults of the governement...Would you rather just be lied to and NOT know the truth?

    Either way all these restrictions were going to happen under some BS 1984 double speak excuse.

  4. Noodles look who funds wikileaks: GEORGE SOROS. This was planned all the way, just like terror plots are every year. To eventually CONTROL THE MASSES. One world government.

  5. Government forces innovation:

  6. 9:25AM : I congratulate you on your perception.
    In an age when everything is a lie, when everything is being done on purpose to destroy your country and your freedom, to not suspect every single thing of being a plot is pure stupidity. The take over of America by anti american forces will go down as the easiest victory ever had because the vast majority of americans will not even realize it is happening until it's over, and guess what, it is almost over. Now that TSA can probe your rectum on any highway, now that Walmart is probing your rectum whenever you shop, now that Department of Homoland security is searching your apartment or house without your consent while you're at work, now that DHS/TSA/BigBrother is monitoring your every communication and logging your every message, it is over. All that remains is for a few final somewhat inconvenient impositions upon you for security's sake.
    Most won't complain until they have no bread and circus.

  7. Or, on the contrary, it's called sanity. Not every single thing is a lie. When you are suspecting everything of a plot, including the way the flowers sway in the breeze, or the timing of traffic lights on a street corner, then you are paranoid and you need to gain a better sense of perspective and awareness.

  8. 11:32 that's your only hope, believe in everything, including what your Gov't, Pharmaceutical corp. Doctor & Lawyer says. Now that's INSANITY. Pure fantasyland, the majority live it it.

  9. Believe this or not, but the human being is a metamorphic system that can enter chaos to attain a higher order.

    There is no absolute truth in the things of our perception. It goes through levels of energy.

    Small example of the metamorphic process that arranges itself by integrating information of a dynamical nature into its mind, enters chaos by losing the old order, and then establishes a higher order and continues this expansion in a hierarchial fashion:

    1) Child believes in Santa Clause.
    2) Teenager stops believing in anarchy.
    3) Young adult starts getting into religion.
    4) Young adult starts becoming skeptical.
    5) Adult hates religion and doesn't know what to believe.
    6) Adult studies conspiracy theories; thinks everything he sees is an illusion.
    7) Same person now gets into Buddhism and tries balancing the negative view with some positive.
    8) The disciplines of Buddhism become lackluster and one fills urged to find a higher way.
    9) Sees many strange things happening in the world, reads science books, acquires new information, feels overloaded, nihilistic, and isolated from the majority of dumber people.
    10) Starts automatically/unconsciously sorting out the overload and turns much of the dramatized perceptions into rational deductions, has a firm grasp as to what should be ignored, who should be dismissed, and what is positive versus negative.
    11) Continues cultivating this in life. He has become a seeker of God/Truth, the most rare and treasured being in existence, even without his knowing.

    How many people will stick with one little belief system, the child, their entire lives? These are stagnant beings, they stand still their entire lives even if they travel the world and meet millions of people. The other can attain the universe without even opening a window.

    Notice how "social" people, or rather, people who are engaged with large crowds of people everyday get meaner? City folk for example become violent despite living with large "herds". While as country folk or those in villages, or living in a primal manner are far more jovial and sensitive to humans, even those who are foreigners with cell phones and fancy clothes. What causes this strange paradox? Because the more things and faces people encounter the more they lose track of their inner nature, or rather, REAL nature.

    The real nature of a man is his highest metamorphical/conscious/spiritual potential. This is found in many ancient mythical/religious texts as transfiguration.

    It may be so that the coming of "Christ" would be humans who will transcend the false self within their lifetime and transform into the full bodied being of an incarnated God with inimitible wisdom and love. The spirits will rise up, unicorns and phoenixes will take to charge with him/them, the universe will shake, and all beings from all time and worlds will merge in prayer as they annihilate those who obstruct this Virtuous Being from bringing the way of Heaven back to mankind.

  10. Way to go man !

    Unicrns and phoenixes and all sorts of beautiful world changing marvels can be created in your non scientific mind , as long as one avoids the evils of social knowledge and the 'mob'psychology of other still human people failures.

    Self cultivation and inner contemplation is the "way"of the spirit that leads to a personal heaven and peace in your own mind .

    Trancending the universe and its "real" finite world problems forever.
    All else not in contemplation is a result of the material reality concept ,a construct of your own minds rational illusions derived from mere sensory perceptions, of "unknowable" reflections sourced in a mere non existant material universe .A mere universe thing!
    But Its all only in your individual god like mind!
    Contemplation forever. !

  11. 11:45 I guess your mentality is all or nothing, black or white. You have no capability to think in grey, therefore your ability to steer between government bullshit and paranoid thinking is diminished. My advice? Have a 24 hr reality interpretor on hand just in case.


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