Friday, December 17, 2010

Peter Schiff: Riots Coming To America


  1. there you are america. two choices. stop spending and cut back on entitlement programs- or - continue with massive govt programs and tax the rich, til there are no more.

  2. You have to have cuts in spending also for austerity to work.

    If you think you are going to get out of the fiscal mess this country is in simply by taxing the rich, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I'd like to sell you.

    The fact that there are still people out there that see the "tax the rich and it will all go away" plan as an option, like a few of the idiots on this video do indicates that there is no option for us other than a very hard landing.

    We've done it to ourselves. Everyone loves their free shit. Enjoy it till it's over!

  3. Opinions are a dime a dozen.

    Proven LONG TERM accuracy record is what counts.

    I see only one person up there who has been right on major economic subjects...Shiff.

    The rest are just puppets.

    Riots won't work over here...Our police and military will crush it before it spreads to the rich areas.

    Think LA...They let the poor areas burn in order to shore up defenses around the rich areas.

    Why even try to stop it let the idiot poor riot and destroy their own infrastructure actually making themselves weaker?

    Human nature what it is will always be 1 real believer in the cause followed by 10 guys looking to destroy and loot while using the excuse of anarchy.

    Oh well riots coming to Oakland, South LA, South Chicago, East St. Louis, Atlanta...Hmmm there's a pattern here...I can't figure it out.

  4. Typical FOX News bullshit. Blame Obama for the problems. Lets retrace history...
    Who took us off the gold standard? Richard Nixon
    Who was the first president to rob social security to pay for tax cuts? Ronald Reagan. Who also gave stinger missles to the Afghan rebels that forced Russia to end their mission to crush muslim militants. That did not come back to haunt us did it?
    Who Wrote the Gramm Leach Bliley Act? Ending Glass Steagall, giving the banksters the free rein that has a major part to do with the present crisis.
    Who spent over $9 TRILLION on bailing out banks. George Bush, after he started the $3 trillion dollars Iraq war and dropped the ball on the Afghan war.
    Fox News reliable source of lies.

  5. 12:58 I don't see any lies. The elite appoint presidents. They are order takers. Each one had a job to do and were told how to do it. It has NOTHING to do with what PRESIDENT did what. also get over who is doing the reporting. Are all the posters that DUMB HERE?

  6. Really 1:10 .. What do they mean with the headline. Will Obama Administration reforms lead to similar riots in US?

  7. Seems Obummer is all cutting SS tax next year.

  8. never waste a good crisis, and if not a large enough crisis make one, and the larger the crisis the larger the "solutions"
    global cooperative governance was told of more then 2,000 years ago, so it's finally here and unlike those who failed at it in the past we see today things are tied together already in so many ways, probably this is the one and system spoken of, this time "successful" for a few yrs anyway
    good to get out of the forest so's can see again the tree's
    ..fix taxes and size of government, but now we'd need to reexamine enactments, but then we'd need to reexamine whether some enactments are even constitutional, but then we'd need to decide/see if we're even under the constitution anymore, then to go back we'd need to break many treaties with the un, wto, wb, cb's, imf, euro, china,...oh boy what a tangled late to extract us from global push?, things are pretty tightly woven

    yesterday the judge who ruled mandating health insurance was unconstitutional said-don't know however that we can even stop this now that it's started. excuse me-it's do we or don't we...want the constitution anymore? in other words trying to fix the unstable upper floors when the foundation has serious issues is useless. we have "free" trade policy, but yell about unemployed/welfare state, the fed bails the imf which bails greece, we scream about it, but why even have the fed? thought congress had that job originally, long ago we fell, so we see the results now

  9. OMG ....any way you spell it We Are Screwed.

  10. They let LA burn because cops were being pulled out of their vehicles and beaten to death by black people. Recently in Berkley, one cop ended up having his club taken as rioters pounded him senseless.

    Some riots are easy to break, some aren't. When the police don't have solid gear on, are with their shields, and in squares close together with tear gas prepared, then it will end badly for them.

    The police here won't be around after the hyperinflation. For what pay? The major conspiracy groups are going to be amazed when they see it turn into anarchy rather than a police state. There is no possible way 300 million armed people with this much diversity could be put under martial law. Why are cops being layed off then? Why are soldiers degraded by the media if the media is trying to promote WW3 with Iran and NK? Who will be working for an amount of cash that won't even afford bread?

    I don't buy into that NWO theory. It seems like America is being attacked from both internal and external forces. People who follow Alex Jones, Icke, Jesse Ventura, and Jordan Maxwell are only viewing the world the way a former KGB agent would.

    However, the economy is collapsing, make no mistake. The mainstream media is deluding people like mad hell. In a way, they'll be amenable for millions of unprepared people dying. Without workers what slaves will the government have? This is how they control us, through taxes. Everything else is an addendum that springs forth from various individuals who take power in political positions. It's all ending soon. And many, MANY lives (both innocent and debauched), will be ending with it, sorry if that sounds sepulchral.






    LIKE I SAID, PURE THEATER.... Good night!

  12. Hahaha-Austerity won't save you from the greed of the bankers and the 'get rich quick' culture you have in the states. They'll cut us to the bone here in Europe and destroy the social contract between the rulers and the ruled that has existed for the last 80yrs. Taxing the rich won't work either, because the rich have dug themselves such a deep hole of derivatives and shadows that they'll never be able to get out. death spiral of capitalism now in operation. We will create a new human society based on human need not profits and greed. London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, we shall fight and we shall win!

  13. None of those controlled media douchebags mentioned the insanely expensive wars for Israel going on right now. Peter Schiff sucks balls.

  14. The US govt in Conspiracy with Israel and Saudi Arabia carried out 911, to enact the Non Patriotic act and take away our rights.

  15. I began to realize the economic crisis being manufactured around 2005, when housing prices kept going up. Ultimately, this was done by GWB and Greenspan in order to bring about the present financial collapse of the world. An engineered collapse precisely for the aim of destroying the security of the nation in order to allow them to impose martial law. While to some degree I agree with the poster saying imposing martial law will be difficult upon 300 million armed people, I also know that continuity of government and plenty of exercises for the military dealing with social unrest stack the cards against the general populance.
    The day when every 'citizen' of the 'united states' will by law have to have an RFID implant to allow them to buy, spend, purchase is rapidly approaching. The FEMA camps are no joke.
    The approved use of BZ as a riot control agent shows that the plan is to eliminate many rioters by causing them to commit drug induced violence
    requiring their elimination by armed forces.
    The trifecta of economic collapse, widespread societal malfeasance, and food shortages makes this a grand slam for the NWO/PTB.

  16. I don't know about the rest of you, but I would happen to ENJOY some good ol' fashioned rioting! I say this because I have been prepared for it for years. Following this great site has helped me get ready for almost anything. Let the skull busting riots start! I will make myself some popcorn to watch the festivities.

  17. With the Federal government and many states now bankrupt .
    Secession and US breakup looms ?
    A Communist web site that b.t.w. appears to claim that American workers are not exploited but are satisfied beneficiaries and war mongering rabid supporters of US imperialism and its super profits dollar hegemony system and are incapable of being a revolutionary class , says that the process of the break up of the American Union has already appeared to begin ,
    "but nobody noticed" !

    “On August 1 2009, the Bay State seceded from the Union with a new tax law. Massachusetts started charging tariffs on the exports of other states.”
    The state government website reads:
    "Example: You purchase furniture for your Massachusetts business or residence from an out-of-state firm and pay no Massachusetts or other state sales tax. You are required to pay the 6.25 percent Massachusetts use tax. The use tax applies because the furniture was not subject to a sales tax in the other state and because it is for use in the Commonwealth."
    The taxing of goods purchased out of state violates the U.S. Constitution, but no one cares.
    Ironically, Massachusetts fought in the Civil War against states' rights. Unlike in the South, however, there is no big museum industry keeping the subject alive.
    The raising of tariffs against other states' goods is a typical example of the post-modernist, feel-good haze in U.$. politics today.
    Politician delusions and bureaucratic self-interests carry the day, even as a larger percentage of people is able to read and write than at the time of the Civil War.
    States' rights extremists have come to power in Massachusetts or did I miss when Congress handed power back to the states? The Constitution says:
    "No State shall, without the Consent of the Congress, lay any Imposts or Duties on Imports or Exports, except what may be absolutely necessary for executing it's inspection Laws: and the net Produce of all Duties and Imposts, laid by any State on Imports or Exports, shall be for the Use of the Treasury of the United States; and all such Laws shall be subject to the Revision and Controul of the Congress."
    This is an all example not of a lack of education. It's not a lack of being able to read the "Constitution." It's that humanities majors in this country, the people in the liberals arts have run amok with post-modernism. This is important to us in the anti-war movement, because it points to a general level of difficulty Amerikans have in dealing with reality. It's also a good example, because it's not about one persyn.
    For the tariff to pass, many people in a legislature had to do work.
    So we're not story-telling about individuals, but pointing to something that typifies the ruling class.
    Alas, the states have not gone to war over this with each other yet. The people are that super-profit pacified and misled.

  18. We will have to merge with Canada for survival.


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