Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Farmers Fail to Meet Demand as Corn Stockpiles Drop to 1974 Low

The smallest corn inventories in 37 years are a sign farmers around the globe are failing to produce enough grain to meet rising consumption, even as planting expands and food prices surge.
Growers from Canada to Russia boosted annual output of wheat, rice and feed grain by 16 percent since 2000, not enough to keep up with the 20 percent gain in demand, U.S. Department of Agriculture data show. While a Bloomberg survey of 25 analysts shows the agency on Feb. 24 may forecast a 3.5 percent increase in U.S. corn planting, the government says world stockpiles will equal 15 percent of use, the lowest since 1974.


  1. That's because ----

    The stupid pricks in Washington decided ----

    It was agreat idea to put 20% Ethanol in our gasoline ( at $4.05 per gallon of course )

    I'm sorry; I have run out of pity for these stupid, moronic idiots who have NO clue! We burn our foodstuffs in 20 MPG SUV'S to travel over hill and dale to Walmart to buy worthless Chinese goods.

    Now, If I'm a farmer with land right?
    The Government contacts me right?
    Give you $7.00 a bushel whether she grows or not
    I'm like - yeah- ok right?

    We are fucked on top of fucked on double top of fucked - because we have the knowledge; but have refused to apply it.

    I cannot wait !

  2. If all fails… stimulus packages, QE 1, 2...stop...

    What would you do if you were broke, in a corner BUT still the strongest guy?

    Well, looking for legal money is the only conclusion but where is the money?

    It use to be in the banks… but...well, you know the story… but wait…. There is lots of Black Gold in the hands of weak, unstable characters with funny hats, some very old and/or speak gibberish.

    Well, what are they waiting for...oh sorry they didn’t….therefore it may happen or it may be happening already that the strongest guy found a method to pay for these debts....

    Whereas, corn, cotton, wheat ECT…may merely be a temporary obsession keeping folks busy being upset at ..???

    Well and so it goes her on planet earth…Go ahead Scotty beam us up

  3. "The law of unintended consequences".

  4. Mike Tidwell has been promoting Earth-saving corn-burning stoves for years, and even showcases one in his Washington DC suburban home.

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