Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tomato Prices Soar

This winter's freezing weather is starting to have an impact at the grocery store.
"It's wreaking a little bit of havoc on the market," Oakes Farm Market Manager Eric Oakes said.
With so many crops killed off by the cold, produce shop owners are seeing tomato prices triple. Cases that usually cost $12-15 are up to $40.
Oakes says his market in Naples goes through 140 cases of tomatoes each week. He attributes the slow down in supply to freezing temperatures in Mexico.
"It doesn't look like this market is going to come down anytime soon" Oakes said. "I think it's going to be two or three weeks before we start maybe seeing a mild change in it."
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  1. Let them eat cake!

  2. Think of all the items made with tomatoes: Ketchup, stewed tomatoes, spaghetti sauces, tomato purees, soups, etc. It's no laughing matter.

  3. Yeah, yeah, so there's a "disconnect",

    WTF, the BLS will still say you don't need a COLA cause they don't count food in the core, only when oil goes back to 100 bucks a barrel, since that's what they count, and that Bernakapart fool will keep the fed at the "extended" garbage and keep interest rates at idiot levels cause there's NO INFLATION....... All to keep the market up.

    Now its all about "cut" those worthless old folks, except of course not the jackass yappin heads on CNBC, they're drollin at that , while at the same time cryin about tax on their 7 figure a year incomes.

    There's a "diconnect everywhere..........

    So why worry, be happy, smirks

  4. 1:27 Yeah, Tomato Cake. Bur wait, it's no laughing matter.

  5. Fuck 'em all I grow 'em year round in my greenhouse.

  6. 2:03 I forgot about Tomato Cake!!! This is more serious than I thought!

  7. is this widespread-worldwide, cause the spainiards have that mass tomato tossing party again this year, it'll be reeeal expensive

  8. Is it a totally slow news day or do I smell a serious PR machine at work? Why all of a sudden are tomato prices all over our local news reports and local papers? This is total BS. They are just setting us up for a good old fashioned gouging. Tthink of all the foods that can now be justified for price increases- pizza sauce, katsup on your hot dogs, burgers etc.. the list goes on and on. If you think that the prices will ever come down after the "temporary increases" you are sorely mistaken. Everyone should plan a "tomato boycott." If we all went without tomato products for even just 2 weeks - I'd be willing to bet these price increases will dissappear prtty quickly. I say "LET em' ROT!!"


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