Tuesday, February 15, 2011

USA Admits Adding Fluoride to Water is Damaging Teeth and Has Been a Big Experiment


  1. i remember talking to my dad back in 2007 or 2009.. talking how this has been in the making for a while.. mainly in the whole concept, all the big secrets and problems with the world that are all so interconnected, interwound like a web,or a spring loaded ball of yarn. its all unraveling..

    The world should continue to function as we know it, but it is for sure coming unwound.

  2. Yes,the Doc is correct; this flouridation debate has been ongoing for more than 50 years. Almost as soon as they introduced it they began to realize something was not kosher with it and they began to run experiments on school age kids discovering adverse effects were cropping up in many cases. They even introduced it into toothpaste as well as the water supply eventually. I remember as a kid in 55 or so in the Alberta Prairies looking out the window as I merrily brushed my pearly whites while watching the biplane crop dusters making passes over the fields spraying DDT onto the crops. That was another debacle that took years to foment. They finally discovered it actually was killing people, so they finally banned it. So nothing is new-if there is a buck to be made, you can be sure the Feds and corporations (Monsanto, cough! cough!) are in there like a wet shirt.

  3. Awesome article. Fluoride is a poison. They add it with hazmat suits on because when they open the bags the Fluoride powder could kill the dudes putting it in the water supply. It is a byproduct that is sold because otherwise, it would be worthless. Terrible.

  4. I've been drinking bottled water for years and have had zero health problems in that time span. It's funny that when I drank tap water I'd be sick at least every few months.

    People just don't want to admit that all these extra chemicals generally cause problems. Natural is always the best, you can't just mess around with things and expect no consequences.

  5. The quick and easy profits are made from inventing a use and market for industrial by-products and waste.

    “Science” can be found ,or paid for to prove there is good gold to be found in a market for muck.

    When cash profit is involved even the American Academy of Science can be manipulated ,as we saw with global warming computer modeling beat ups ,for research grants.
    Or, in the past
    Or, in another example
    Depleted Uranium ammunition.
    Who cares if it use destroys the genetic structure of humans for future generations often including its users that are exposed to its effects, creating problems for Vets and their current and future descendents too. Just like Agent Orange .

    As long as it “saves American lives” when used against Third world brown peoples .
    And a quick profit can be got from industrial waste in fighting ‘terrorists”.

    Depleted Uranium is all just more “legal” warfare like drone killing wars in civilian areas of Pakistan , And using torture by mercenary contactors against “suspect militants” in wars of aggression ,by using pre-emptive strikes according to Americans current war morality and practice .
    That can justify any crime at all.

    Because, the other guy is clearly worse and REALLY criminal ,according to the bipartisan views of Obama and Bush and the Diebold “voters” for imperialist wars for the Empire of America .

  6. 6:50am
    Regarding DDT you have been blinded by clueless do-gooders. Unless you eat DDT by the tablespoon, it will not kill you. However NOT using DDT kills 1 Mio. humans per year from Malaria. There has still, 40 years after the ban of DDT, nothing else found effective against Malaria. BTW did you know there had been Malaria in the US before they eradicated it with DDT? (Google it)

  7. Well, michael, it`s really a case of pick your poison. Don`t forget I was around back in the 50s and saw first hand the effects of this DDT shit. Alberta was one of the very first provinces in Canada to ban the use of it. Reason? birds. gophers, etc. were being found dead without obvious reason over a period of time. Now you young folk may think that the technology, communications, and all this other stuff was humming away nicely back in the 50s. It was definitely not. Compared to today the tests they ran on all this stuff was slow, hands on tedious work. This is why so much of these test results took years to do-computers were non-existant. U of A ran tests for years (a massive paper shuffle at best) ad nauseum. So there you go-us old geezers were there and you can google us!

  8. Well, anonymous, it is interesting that you mention birds but Malaria not at all. While it is fine to reduce the use of DDT as much as possible, banning it worldwide is first world arrogance, pure and simple.
    It is my view that "Silent Spring" has the death of 40 Mio. people sticking to it's pages (and counting).

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