Saturday, February 26, 2011

“When The Money Stops Flowing Down to the Man in the Street, The blood starts flowing in the streets.”

Trend forecaster Gerald Celente, of the Trends Research Institute, says that the further expansion of government austerity measures and impoverishment of the majority of the world’s populace will lead to more violence, riots and revolutions.
In his latest Trend Alert® to subscribers, Celente discusses the revolutions breaking out in the middle east and provides a different reasoning than mainstream pundits and politicians for why it is happening and why it will spread to Europe and the US:
As we wrote before Tunisia and Egypt erupted, the outbreaks would go global and the reasons behind the unrest would be more about bread and butter issues than politics. As economies decline, unemployment rises, taxes are raised and services cut – while those at the top get richer and most everyone else gets poorer – revolutions will continue to spread.
But that’s not the way it’s being represented by the same people who didn’t see it coming. The media, pundits and politicians have misrepresented the historic geopolitical events that have occupied the news since the onset of the New Year. Virtually overnight, the revolutions have been glorified as courageous fights for freedom and liberty by democracy-hungry-masses.
But it is not hunger for democracy that drives them. Democracy, autocracy, theocracy, monarchy – right, center, left – it is mostly a gut issue…an empty gut issue. When the money stops flowing down to the man in the street, the blood starts flowing in the streets. It’s a simple equation. A few at the top have too much, and too many others have too little.
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  1. I understand the teachers in Wisconsin are paid roughly $89,000.00 annually. $89K and they are WHINING AND COMPLAINING!

    With that rate of pay, they have a nice house and 2-3 financed cars and a cell phone for each member of the family along with $100.00 a month cable TV and a Big Screen TV in the living room and a separate LCD TV in each bedroom.

    They have club memberships and Netflix and the kids athletic teams to support. They have their "family nights" and a church to support.

    When they get sick they go to the doctor and have a $20.00 co-pay.

    They have a retirement pension to look forward too and 3 months of vacation every summer.

    Suddenly they are asked to contribute less than 6% of their wages to support their retirement and they HAVE A SHIT FIT!

    As for me, I consider myself a highly skilled professional in my current industry. The economy has been so bad for me, that my total hours worked in Feb, is less than 40. Remember a full time worker will log 160 hours in a month.

    I don't have a $20.00 co-pay health insurance plan. I have NOTHING!

    I don't have a pension to look forward too, I have NOTHING to look forward to!

    I drive an 18 year old car and my family shares a cell phone.

    We do not have Cable TV or Netflix, our "big screen TV" is one of those ancient "rear projection" TV's that is so badly out of focus, it painful to look at it.

    The teachers in Wisconsin aught to be put against a wall and shot dead. They have NOTHING to complain about. NOTHING!

    When the day finally comes, when I can no longer feed my kid ( I have one child and not 13 anchor babies) things are gonna get real ugly.

    Need I say more?

  2. 5:39pm - I agree... I used to make $60k a year, had 12 years of tenure and they shipped my job overseas. I had all the benefits and was happy getting that paycheck every 2 weeks. Now, I make $8.25 an hour with no benefits and it barely pays the bills... Somewhere along the way, people will have to get off their high horses and realize life is different now... we are in survival mode.


  4. The "Bonus Army" camped out in Washington DC (District of Criminals) after WWI. They did not bring their weapons and ammo. I wish they did. In the end they were driven out of DC by force of the military, even though all the "protestors" were vets of WWI. Many died, only because they asked the government to keep their promises.

    There will soon be a "Peoples Army" descending on Washington and they will bring their weapons and ammo. Perhaps they will all be slaughtered, but they will go down on their feet, rather than on their knees.

    It's only a matter of time.

    Will you join them, or sit on your worthless ass and watch TV, drink beer and debate who will win the next Super Bowl?

  5. I can one up you guys. I'm 6 figures in debt and have been taking any work I get. I obviously can't pay my student loans so they are getting bigger and bigger.

    The federal government won't let me declare bankruptcy and has removed any consumer protections from these loans. No state usury loans apply, no rules apply at all. I will pay 3x the total loan principal if I ever manage to pay these loans back, and that'd be without defaulting and if I paid on schedule from here on out.

    How long did they think they could do that to us without having jobs lined up for us? The 20-30 year olds will lead the revolt, it's time for a change. Real change. Not the false bullshit the Obamerror managed to fool some people with (I knew it'd be more of the same myself).

  6. I can't for the life of me understand why public service employees need a union in the first place. Does the man make them work in a dangerous underground mine without proper equipment?

    These pamper wearing whiners need to get the collective asses out in the real world and stop sucking off the public's tit because my nipples are sore as shit.

  7. there's got to be a balance somewhere...consider this if you've worked long in many different companies that if possible they'd bring on slave wages..the old family wage oriented, company did care day's are long gone and now many would have very low unlivable wages. That said, pay scales and benni's can be out of range and are, but to remove the right to collective bargain is a bad idea, seems the fight isn't over pay, they should reduce benni and pay and layoffs but to say either private(indiana had private union collective bargaining law put forth aswell as public) or public people should not be allowed to get together and as one voice state their case to their company will result in lower wages for everyone as the new normal.
    person above mention company outsourced their job..why-doesn't the employer care anymore, or is it profits and all else be damned, who cares about loyalty, even their base country anymore..profits, shareholders and the bottom line is everything, ship those jobs and the equipment oversea's to make a quicker buck, all in the lie of free trade is good. states are bust, have layoffs/cuts but when working people are barred by law from approaching the boss with backing of other working people then corporatism has won and we'll all work for much less. bargaining is still market driven, don't like the demands, lock'em out and get others..if market isn't there for the wages offered, then looks like you'll have to pay the wages asked for. another reason to secure the border, if we don't we'll have a pool of workers who'll opt for the $8hr pay scales.

    another helpful thing is to look where the money goes in budgets
    nowaday's I think the unions are way out of hand and run just like a TBTF but I had this friend, who thought unions were bad even at the core idea, thought his boss would always pay him what he's worth, but when the company next door lowered wages, and got away with it, his boss did the same, now he works for much less, and his dreamy ideals that the boss loved him as much as profits are broken apart. there's got to be a balance somewhere

  8. “To get a fuller picture of how deformed the Militarised services economy is,other than unionised teachers ,state police and municipal employees ,one must also include the main costs of the unproductive deficit financed government employed , not to mention bailouts and million dollar government financed bonuses to employees of the Ponzi financial sector.”

    “The trillions of dollars handed out to the MIC, the arms industry, and the financial racketeers are a primary cause of the imbalanced economy, and the inequity of wealth and power in a babkrupt America.

    60% of federal civil servants work for the Pentagon, Homeland Security, or the CIA. Add to that the uniformed military, and unclassified political appointees.These government employees are not so visible.

    A trillion dollars a year is spent openly on militarism that bankrupted america.

    Add to that , privately paid security,mercenary and overseas arms dealing.

    "Professional engineers warn the roads, rails, electrical grid, sewage systems, dams, levees, water pipelines, and bridges have not been maintained, repaired, or replaced as needed. Trillions of dollars are needed just to bring the systems up to minimal standards of safety and usage. Trillions and trillions more to upgrade to what‘s needed for a first-rate economy"
    But we will continue to spend double the percentage GDP that others spend on similar healthcare in order to subsidize the insurance and health and big Pharma industries.

    We’ll allocate trillions more to keep insolvant financial speculators afloat.
    We’ll spend trillions more to kill illiterate peasants half-way around the world, prop up drug mobsters in Afganistan , subsidize corrupt despots like the Saudi kings , and enrich warfare merchants on cost plus contracts . We’ll build more prisons, persevere in the counter-productive drug “wars”, and cut back municipal schools and public colleges.

    Notwithstanding, we’ll pay for more NSA, TSA, and Federal Homeland policing of ourselves.

    Ponzi economy not functioning Now?
    Need Austerity for recovery ?

    Lets us put the boot into the heart of the real problem , the bribed unionised teachers !

  9. Consider the prison guard union in California. I know they have working without a new contract for several years, but they, as well as teachers unions and illegal aliens are the biggest reasons California is broke.

    It's time the USA becomes an isolationist country. We can no longer afford to help our "friends". They are going to have to help themselves. Naturally this goes against the NWO plans.

    The government wants you WEAK and DEPENDENT, not strong and independent.

    Obozo said that if he were elected president, he would put America back to work, fixing the roads and bridges and dams and waterways. He lied. He has no intention of fixing anything. His Socialist plans require the country to weak and dependent on the government for everything.

    Yesterday, I drove my Camry to the gas station and for the first time in my flipping life, the pump did not stop till it hit $50.00. You poor souls with those big cars and trucks with the 30 gal tanks are gonna have to give up $120.00 or more, yet we have an oil reserve in Alaska that makes the Middle East look embarrassing, yet Obozo still says no to drilling. It was planned this way folks, how much longer are you going to accept this constant ass raping from the government?

    They sleep well at night knowing we won't fight back. For all you young people that have no future to look forward to because of the mountain of student loan debt you have and no job prospects, what are you going to do? I am old and have been living below the poverty line for the last 25 years. The only thing I have left is a fighting spirit.

  10. I wont blame the teachers for trying to get the most money they can, but thanks for bringing the fact that the gov't allowed the public sector to unionize. Its just another taxpayer scam to drain the people. Now fire them and hire non-union teachers. Sorry, I dont blame you, but you got to go.

  11. Illegals are great for business, big unions want these third world piss ants to fill their ranks.

    It's all about power & ego, whether running the local PTA chapter, of a mega labor union. We don't need any of these sociopaths in our lives.

  12. got gold beeches
    the goverment and thier workeres are insane with power.
    so shut up slave
    buy silver and gold
    silent but deadly

  13. cant wait to vote out the bum obama and he and is his bum clinton can hang out with bush that loser.
    traitors the whole bunch
    treason is a way of life for these people.
    have never had a real jobs.
    why do you expect them to do anything but destroy america?

  14. 8:29 You are wasting your time on election day.

    There are three boxes that matter in this country.

    1) The soap box has failed. For you young folks, 100 years ago a public speaker might have to stand on a soap box, so the people could see him. Dialog has failed. I write my congressperson and either get a worthless auto reply or I get no reply. The don't listen to us, they never will

    2) The ballot box has been thought to be rigged, ever since voting went electronic. Time and again, hackers have obtained the source code and proven electronic voting is rigged. Mark my words, Ron Paul will NEVER be POTUS. I wish it were not true. Ron Paul is a true patriot and patriots can't be POTUS.

    3) The last box is the cartridge box, also known as the ammo box. This is the box all true patriots will someday have to open.

    I have posted this question all over the Internet and have yet to get an answer. How can we take back our country when the first two boxes have been tried? Congress won't listen to us, the SCOTUS will do nothing to remove Obozo. It dose not matter if he has a birth certificate or not, both of his parents are required to be natural born US citizens and we all know Barry's dad was NOT a US citizen.

    Dialog has failed
    Voting has failed to make a difference
    Please tell us all how we can take back our country without opening box number 3?

  15. 8:52...I can answer your question quite easily…when people starve and food is unavailable you will see the masses take to the streets. Cut off their Internet and watch commerce come to a halt…but “dare” to turn off the mind-numbing box and deny them sport and psy-op controlled programming…no way!

    Americans have 90 some years of convenience foods since the last Depression and only 2-3% of the population is now planting their own versions of “victory” gardens. Food…you control the masses with food…when they go starving and have the “burning” in their stomachs you’ll see the masses rise…but beware…Monsanto’s Monster foods will be replacing once nutritional produce, what better way to “eliminate” the problem with soft-kill strategies.

    This quote comes to mind:

    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
    John F. Kennedy

  16. I have a few friends that are also wise to what is coming at us here in the Empire over the next couple of years on all fronts.

    We agreed that if it were possible to keep things the way they are RIGHT NOW (which isn't so great) for the next five years we would trade that straight up (with sure death in 2016) vs going into the hell we will see in the next 1-3 years.

    The 98%. The brainwashed masses. The useful idiots. The sheeple who think politics mean anything and that we wear the white hats. The believe government is good. That believe a man on a white horsey will be coming in to save them in the sky. They are an all consuming river of deluded sheep pushing us over the cliff. Believing anything that brings them confort no matter how ridiculous.

    The elite have won. They will indeed get the social control that they have always wanted over the entire globe but especially the dumbest group to ever call itself a nation - the American people aka the Corporate subsidiary of the Bank of London via the District of Columbia.

    Protect yourself the best you can, prep, and most of all be prepared to cut loose all your sheeple friends who ignored you and will be coming to you for help. Too late for them soon.

    We are slaves who are contained and controlled. Even a slave can free his/her mind though and cope in the best ways possible.

    Store water, food, tools/supplies, means of protection, silver, and most of all, lay low.
    The time has expired. Truth and freedom are gone.

  17. ...I can answer your question quite easily…when people starve and food is unavailable you will see the masses take to the streets...

    The other scenario is we will have plenty of food on the shelves, we just won't be able to afford to buy it, due to hyperinflation.

    The way I see it, once people hit the streets and violently protest, the electric grid will be shut down to everyone, except the police stations and National Guard Depots. The water supply will also be cut off and the natural gas supply. People will be told to "behave themselves" and trust the government, only then will the power, water and gas be turned back on.

    All those anti-gun goons will wish they had one when terror runs wild in the streets.

    The elite have won nothing. They are scared beyond belief now that the 2% (of those in the know)is growing as more and more people wake up from their slumber.

    The book titled "The Next American Civil War" is not the read I expected, but a good read anyway. The author suggests that when the SHTF, all those "rednecks" with pick up trucks and guns will become field commanders when the war finally starts. These guys know how to blow up a tree stump without dynamite. Viet Nam vets who can make an IED out of dog shit and spit. All of those people we anonymously insult on web sites, will have much to offer, more than the President of the local Chamber of Commerce or the CEO of some big company. All those people we look at as being important will be asked to sit in the back of the room and try not to interrupt.

    When things go bad, I'll be meeting with my WWII vets and neighbors to look for suggestions.

    Things are rapidly expanding, a quote from AP, "Protests against the tight grip of Gulf rulers widened Sunday as riot police in Oman battled pro-democracy demonstrators in a deadly clash that sharply raised tensions in the region.
    Tiny Bahrain is already in turmoil and giant Saudi Arabia is seeking to hold back calls for reforms."

    Now it's Oman and Bahrain that's falling apart with the Saudi's worried they are next. All of this turmoil in the Middle East will drive pump prices to levels we have never thought possible. Very soon, (I'll say before the year ends) pump prices will be in the $6.00 range. Will you be able to pay $180.00 to fill your 30 gallon tank, or will you get pissed of and say "basta"! enough!

  18. "The elite have won nothing. They are scared beyond belief now that the 2% (of those in the know)is growing as more and more people wake up from their slumber."

    Won nothing?

    They control all media, the military, and money.

    The sheep are done. When they are ready all they have to do is another false flag and they can turn US streets into Gaza.

    They control all food distribution, communications, internet, you name it. The 98% will never awaken because it is human nature to believe only what gives us comfort.

    The greatest investment the elite made was enlisting the aid of the world's greatest psychologists in learning how to manipulate the sheep.

    Their media is their greatest weapon.

    When people are starving, they will be tricked into believing it was Iran's fault, or any such nonsense.

    As for Civil War, that, if it happens will be fully orchestrated by the Elite. Just like the first one. It is their M.O. Just like Iraq - turn factions within your enemy ranks upon each other.

    Lots of people believe that the Elite fear gun ownership in American. No. They want us to kill each other, turn their military on us, etc.
    Thin the herd before they eventually clean house.

    The game is lost. Done.

    Americans deserve what is coming actually. For allowing every lie to pass by them in order to maintain the status quo.

    Protect yourself, try your best to enjoy what is left of your life. Crusading for truth is futile in the Matrix.

    I am sure that EA has come to terms with this, as have other 'truthers' about the economy and other matters.

    There is little reward for telling the truth, no atta boys, no feel goods - just grief.

  19. I love it when somebody states your vote is worthless and in the next breath says to take up your arms and your ammo and your gold and silver - now; just how do they think these actions are still possible?

    Your second ammendment RIGHTS given to us all by the divine creator are kept there by idiot voters like me who spend the time; go to local town hall meetings, go to the Tea party rallies in D.C. - I guarantee you my Congressman knows EXACTLY how his constituents feel about gun ownership; why? BECAUSE THEY TELL HIM - both personally and at the ballot box! He so much as whispers about the brady bill and he knows --- do not bother running for re-election.

    People who bemoan about how rigged the system is and then do absolutely nothing about it but whine on blogs like this are the same ones who will turn tail when Al Gore comes for your guns
    and you have assumed that everybody else has voted your way. They are correct in assuming that more and more people will NOT show up - thereby reinforcing these elitests who now have to buy off less.

    Get out and vote especially at the local and state levels - it may not be perfect but damnit let 'em know your there - it's all we got left!

    To lay around and do nothing but bitch on a computer screen on which 10 thousand like minded people will read

    Gets us right where we are now !

  20. One prime example, ObamaCare

    I wrote my rep and said "vote no". Thousands of others did the same. Public opinion polls overwhelming pointed in the direction of "no".

    I asked my rep if he/she thought the American people would really be pleased to give the government direct access to their bank accounts? I quote the page number in the Bill that discusses "Real Time" access to our bank accounts, what do you think "Real Time" means? In the future, when you go visit a doctor, as the front desk girl is doing her data entry, she'll hit the "Enter" key and your bank balance will be queried and your co-pay will be deducted, without you passing over you Bank Card. How to think they are gonna collect your fine for non-compliance? They are simply gonna take it from your account and too damn bad if you can't pay the rent because of it.

    Naturally, he/she voted on Party lines and not based on the wishes of his/her constituents. "I'm a Democrat and Obama is a Democrat so I MUST vote yes"!

    My Rep is one of those worthless ones, who's name is never mentioned on the evening news because he/she has never done a damn thing that is noteworthy! And add insult to injury he/she miraculously got re-elected!

    As for our 2nd Amendment, I'll defend it to the end. If they ever come to my door and tell me to give up my weapons, we're gonna have an instant firefight. I'll most likely be killed, but my goal will be to take as many of them with me as I can. This is the benefit of old age, I'm nearing my "Use By" date. I suppose I could not expect the younger men and women to fight to the death, they'll simply cave in and turn them over, after they take a long look at their young children. Of course, once they have done that, what will stop the government goons from coming back and taking the children?

  21. 1:31 said

    ...People who bemoan about how rigged the (voting) system is and then do absolutely nothing about it but whine on blogs like this...

    Please tell us all exactly what we can do about it?

    How can we take back our country without firing a single shot? Do we complain to the POTUS, or the SCOTUS or the Congress? They are all in it together! Perhaps the Burger King or Ronald McDonald will take care of it?

    I live in California and I'm trapped here. Gov. Brown loves the illegal aliens and is a puppet of the Unions. He wouldn't know what states rights are if it slapped him silly. Another election cycle with two bad choices, Jerry Brown and Meg "Flip Flop" Whitman. I voted for a 3rd party candidate and it was no surprise she lost the race.

  22. 2:06 - iI hear you loud and clear ! However, as some have posted here say, you must continue to vote and even more importantly; write, email and call your local and county and district representatives! Do not think for one minute these elected officals don;t pay attention to the pulse of their votier base! They do!

    My father was a 4 term Congressman and a good person/ not just because he was my father either
    they had what they refered to a quarter tallies and let me tell you - these 1/4 tallies let him know who was saying what about which issues. He aslo put out a quarterly newsletter and there were usually questions about topics important of the day - they were sent out to all residents regardless of party affiliations and included a grievance discussion space on the last page where you could write in anything of importance to you.

    Rarely did we get 40% response - but again, let me tell you when a topic of high priority of the people was made known - he paid attention to it!!!! Even more attention was paid to direct phone calls to his district office - they know that if somebody is adamant enough to call on a specific subject - you'd better be paying attention to it!

    It is sad on a natioanl level though - almost like it's out of our reach - but I would just let everybody out ther know that politics are kinda like sports in that you don't just show up and be Joe Montana - you gotta do the high scholl gig and the college gig and the rookie gig etc etc. these high level politicians gotta come up thru the ranks somewhere !

    I strongly urge you all to vote and call and email - failure to do so just makes us closer to what we see going on all around us

  23. 3:59 I will continue to vote and communicate/bitch/moan/whine/encourage my rep. Agreed, a rep is lucky to get 20% of the people he serves to "talk about the issues of the day".

    At least on the local level the election process seems more fair. My city voted to ban Red Light Cameras forever. The race for County Sheriff was brutal and my guy came in second. I have a theory that if the voters don't know all of the candidates and their positions, they vote for the incumbent.

    I have been more politically active than at any time in my life, that's how I can see the dirt and the corruption, when others who care only about their jobs and their favorite TV shows have no real idea what's going on.

    Pump prices have gone up $.75 cents per gallon in just over 30 days. That should he a huge red flag warning that real bad days are a commin', yet people still seem to be asleep at the wheel. Every time I go to the gas station, I'm tempted to stop at $40.00, but I have to tell myself, it's just gonna cost more the next time I have to fill up and sadly so, I'm right.

  24. Voting is absolutely futile. All important politicians are selected not elected. Your say means nothing. If it makes you feel better, go ahead and vote.

    People have risked their lives to even come forward and tell you they rigged the voting machines. Did you listen to them or turn a deaf ear? With the elite's lock down on our media it is impossible for an honest person to get into office. ALL are bought.

    As an example, 94% of Americans were against the bailouts. Did that make any difference? No. Why? Because you have NO say. None.

    The first step is to accept that we do not live in a free country, we are NOT a Democracy (never were supposed to be). We are an Oligarchy. We are controlled and ruled under the duress of a small group of dominate bankster families.

    Get over it, slave.

  25. Not 90000. I teach in WI and make 54000. 15 years and masters. About average. Shame on you. Know your facts!

  26. I don't care much about teacher/school cuts and closures.

    90% of what is taught in schools is useless anyway.

    Government schools do nothing but indoctrinate kids to all think alike and not for themselves.

    If you are an excellent parrot you may get your A+ and graduate with the square on your head.

    Then you can join the sheep who all act and think the same. Just DO NOT think for yourself.

    Repeat and believe what the government, TV, and clergyman tell you. Join the flock of obedient workers that question nothing.

  27. Jordan Maxwell: The bottom line is that the government is getting what they ordered. They do not want your children to be educated. They do not want you to think too much. That is why our country and our world has become so proliferated with entertainments, mass media, television shows, amusement parks, drugs, alcohol, and every kind of entertainment to keep the human mind entertained so that you don't get in the way of important people by doing too much thinking. You better wake up and understand that there are people who are guiding your life and you don't even know it.

  28. We no longer teach the values of history and now...we are repeating the process! Time to start meeting in Pubs and planning on taking back our local villages and townships...and yes forming and practicing Militias...not to rebel but to protect! When the Mobs go hungry...and they will, they'll go "house to house" looking for ewvery scap of food you have and in the process...burn, loot pillage and plunder! Do you think the polic or even the reamining troops in the Guard will come to your rescue?

    It's time to stop whining and procrastinating and start reading history...we're living under tyranny (Patriot Act replaced the Constitution)...and its about to go "full-bore-nasty ass-Soviet Union or Worse".

  29. One way to deal with the "elite" is to hurt them financially. 12:06 wrote "They (the elite) control all media, the military, and money".

    The easiest thing you can do are the following;

    > Cancel you cable or satellite TV
    > Turn off your TV
    > Do not buy DVD's
    > Do not go to the movies

    Broadcasters get their cash from advertising dollars. They have ways of knowing how many eye balls are viewing TV shows and ad rates are based on "eye balls". Fewer viewers means broadcasters can no longer charge high ad prices, thus reducing their income.

    If we revolt by not buying DVD's the Hollywood crowd will suffer. How much does it cost to manufacture a DVD? It's a plastic disk in a plastic box with a paper insert. Many are made in Mexico, so your $18.00 DVD cost less than $1.00 to produce.

    If we stop going to see movies with $10-$15 dollar ticket prices, Hollywood will collapse. They don't make movies as a public service!

    I turned off my TV long ago. I did not watch the Academy Awards, nor do I care about the Oscars.

    It's not hard to do...


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