Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gaddafi Threatens To Turn Lybia Into "A Burning Hell"


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  1. Has anyone from the UN actually asked the people of Libya if they would like any help?

    "People of Libya, we are the UNITED NATIONS and WE know what's best for you!" "Trust us, we're the United Nations, we don't want your oil"!

  2. Rebels in Libya are now in control of a big national oil producing and the most heavily pipelined region with refineries in Libya , They are now calling for a foreign military intervention back up ‘with a no fly zone” , for Western attacks on Government forces and especially foreign “mercenaries”.

    Gates admits that enforcing a “no fly zone” would first require massive air attacks on Libyas infrastructure .
    ‘Thousands would die ” US/Nato bombed for Libyan freedom?

    "Trust us, we're the United Nations, we don't want your oil"!

    Bloomberg Reports;
    “U.S. officials, such as Defense Secretary Robert Gates, have emphasized the complexity of a no-fly zone and the lack of consensus among NATO allies. It would be a “big operation” that “would begin with an attack on Libya to destroy the air defenses,” he told a House appropriations subcommittee yesterday. “That’s the way you do a no-fly zone.” ‘Thousands Would Die’

    A bit of an Iraq style ‘shock and Awe” style bombing of Tripoli coming up ?

    Gaddafi though might have a few surface to air defensive missile systems .

    Anyway, it is hoped that with all this new found American concern with”Mercenaries” human rights and freedom in the Middle East, that America will follow that up with bombing attacks on its own mercenary forces and privatized war contractors now active in Iraq and Afghanistan .


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