Friday, April 29, 2011

Another 2.5 Trillion Stimulus Coming Dollar May Drop 50%


  1. Bernanke has no choice but to keep on printing money out of thin air for political expedience. He already trapped himself in a corner and there is no way out. If he stops QE the economy will crash due to rise of the interest rate. If he keeps QE going there will be very high inflation which prevents recovery.

  2. DANM! WHAT IS 1/2 (50%) OF NUTTIN???

  3. All the while the slaves enjoy watching their Masters celebrate their family wedding.

  4. Its gonna get good soon.

    can't wait

  5. No one wants our debt, No one needs our services, were done as they say



    Sanford & Son

  7. maybe a part of the plan is to continue debt funded -unseatings-of mideastern rulers who disobey until corrected to their liking then allow the inevitable collapsing and -retiring-of the US as number 1 policeman of the world. looking at the haste and speed of events in MENA it seems they're knowing the time is short as the wave of ponzi is cresting now and they still have much to do. like the article said 2 more years of debt creation/QE and record profits for the military industrial complex then shambles. I suppose then an official handing over rule/national sovereignty to the UN(or something like it that arises from the ashes), in fact seems we already have enjoined ourselves to them to a high degreee, with the latest wars, global environmental policy's, the WB and IMF, trade policy's the court in Hague, BIS mandates, to many things to list.

    others have considered after a coming under the UN that the US military would continue as a UN machine, more funded by the aggregate of west-erns in unity. makes sense as the US taxpayer's money will be force funneled into oil, food, higher household utilities and taxes as a percent of income. a tax increase will not fund the machine as incomes -private and public- have and are dropping and such a huge military complex to function would need many countries each inputting into it, as NATO now. NATO has some struggles it seems but with an infolding of -the machine- that would do it huh.

    The borg collective, the new collective order. I saw superman renounced the US and flew over to the UN and gave his oath to them, basically saying the american way was evil. It'd be funny if people had superman comic book burnings huh lol

  8. Hard to believe this is all real. Seems so unreal. If you plan ahead you are a prepper or a hoarder. If you don't plan ahead, you will be screwed for sure. Hard to win either way. Not sure how the rich/elite expect to escape the calamity that will surely reach to every corner and every class eventually. They bring this on themselves and seem to cheer it forward even though their own destruction seems likely too. We need a hero.

  9. I said
    You don't tug on Superman's cape
    You don't spit into the wind
    You don't take the mask off the ole Lone Ranger

    And you don't mess around with Jim !

  10. I try not to get too excited in life, it's all
    about balance. But as sure as I write this; if
    we have any type of QE3 - it's over. Do what you
    must; but it's over.

  11. QE3 up to QE1,000 will not stop the inevitable. The economy WILL crash and crash hard, sooner or later.

    We know FEMA is buying non-perishable foods by the millions of pounds. These FEMA "concentration camps" are real. They will be used in the event of...

    - A super earthquake along the Madrid fault line.

    - An invasion by space aliens

    - When Mexico's drug war finally spills over our border

    - When hurricanes and tornados wipe out a good part of the country

    - Or perhaps "They" know complete, economic collapse can not be avoided and when it happens, civil unrest will so bad that no Hollywood producer will ever be able to get it right, when they make movies about what we will all have to experience very soon.

    All of those countries we have helped in the aftermath of their disasters over the last 100 years, will do nothing to help us.

    Mainstream International Media will bring their cameras and record our collapse and feed it live to all the viewers back home.

    ***********Stay tuned for continuing coverage of the 2nd American Civil War**************

    Anderson Cooper -

    Last night, a squad of Patriots infiltrated and attacked a Federalist ammunition depot. 27 Federals were killed and 17 were taken as prisoners of war. The ammunition was seized by the Patriots.

    John Q. Public, the squad leader of the Patriots reported the Federalist POW's are safe and well. “We have patched up their wounds and we will assure their safety and well being till this war comes to an end”. “We never wanted this war, countless non-violent protests in front of the Capitol and the White House had been ignored for too many years”, said John Q. Public.

    “Congress was warned by 'We the People' to stop the irresponsible spending... we demanded president Obama to stop attacking countries like Libya, a country that posed no threat to the safety and interests of the United States of America”, continued John Q. Public, “but we were ignored!, the opinions of 'We the People' were completely dismissed, we were insulted!

    “The citizens of the United States of America know that you can't spend money you don't have”. “We all sit at the kitchen table, with the bills in one hand and the checkbook in the other and with God's help and blessings, try to figure out how to pay our bills and still feed our children at the same time”

    “All we wanted was to keep our jobs, feed our families and hope for a better future for our kids. We sometimes fed our children macaroni and cheese, because that's all we could afford, but our Federal government was addicted to power, and kept spending and spending more and more money they did not have to support programs that were surly not needed or beneficial to 'We the People'. “Millions of dollars were spent to attack nations that were no threat to us, our government only wanted to keep the foreign oil from flowing to China and India”.

    “The Federal government left us with no other option to stop this madness, but armed revolution”.

    “George Washington was the Father of our country. His face is printed on our dollars. George Washington was also hard enough to stand at attention and order the execution by firing squad, of the solders who abandoned their positions under enemy attack”.

    “Freedom not worth fighting and dying for is freedom lost”, said squad leader, John Q. Public.

    This is Anderson Cooper for CNN news, now for the sports and weather....

  12. Everybody freak out!!!!!

  13. Well anyway 12.44
    Superman , born on the planet Krypton , appears to have been an illegal immigrant or a political refugee to America .
    He wasn’t a real white settler guy ,despite his traditional redneck spirit of America CIA/redneck ,small town American Empire
    values .

    He would never have been eligible to be a US president , as he was not a ‘natural born” American and could not produce a real long form birth certificate without using the latest forgery methods .
    When was he actually nationalized anyway?

    Superman in the current comic issue appears to be in the employ of another country now, as a war mongering Caped Crusader against Islam and the Iranians.

    It’s a wonder that he has not headed to Iraq , Libya or the Gaza strip colonial occupation lands yet .

    Fighting in the middle East now, he appears to be in more danger from depleted uranium scattered by the Americans , than from kryptonite.

  14. It is hoped that the concerned and armed “international community” might step in soon to rescue American Debt peons using NATO or UN armed intervention to protect Americans human rights . Using the “responsibility to protect civilians” doctrine as seen in Libya and the Ivory Coast recently.
    America is a failed capitalism
    Living security is fast collapsing
    under the financial terrorist kleptomaniacs and military industrial complex rule of Fed money printing gangsters

    With the US treasury in their hands after a dictatorial coup Peoples savings value is being openly looted.
    State Terrorism and human rights violations mount and wars are exported threatening all humanity.
    As Bob Chapman says;

    “W e notice that both parties are willing to cut spending on Social Security and Medicare, but they refuse to cut military spending, the most expensive item on the budget at 26%. Our government has billions for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, the FHA, the FICA and the worthless SEC and CFTC, but no cuts for the average American.”

    Most Americans still think it is their country ,some are simple ,conditioned flag wavers,
    even though they know that the international elite , including their American partners a few % of the high income American population ,own most of the important income earning property and business monopolies.
    The rest of the population only share bits and pieces of the remainder ,mainly Debts.

    The middle class who had invested their savings in housing are no longer able to extract a share of the profits as the property bubble built on credit has imploded ,owing to a collapse of a fraudulent bond markets created by fractional reserve bankers.
    In fact an increasing number of Americans find they are imprisoned and trapped “underwater” as debt peons in their own houses with mortgage debts greater than the value of their houses. For some this is a life sentence to penury but this is no longer considered a cruel and unusual punishment as it is being applied to millions.
    Millions are losing their homes .

    As the biggest owner of this mortgage debt is their own government the collecting agent for the bondholders who have pawned their dud bonds with the Fed.for bailout loot.
    Armed Sheriffs are sent by the courts to seize debt peon housing at the point of a gun , thereby tossing many debt peons on the street , to live in tent cities as economic refugees in their own country.
    Rule of property law smashed!
    Some,ven if they do manage to pay of their houses may not be able to get a clear title as the bankers destroyed the traditional rule of law property title record system to facilitate their sub prime rorts and criminality.
    In addition to the housing debts there are vast credit cards and student loan debts
    It is proving proving to be beyond many Americans ability to pay off the interest usury let alone the principle.
    These Debt Peons are subjected to a reign of terror in the form of fees for late payments and other penalties that the elite dream up to send them even further into debt.
    The destruction to the American economy caused by the collapse of the bankster Ponzi
    system has left millions unemployed or underemployed with tens of millions living on food stamp handouts ,as these same banksters and ruling elite earlier exported much of Americas industry and jobs.
    Flag wavers living in Mobile homes and the like are always willing to support foreign wars in the desperate hope for cheaper gas. Even though it never happens, as with the war in Libya a higher gas price results .
    But logic and Americans do not often meet.
    The official Americans jealously guard against access to the food stamp system by ‘illegal” workers so as to maintain their own share in the handouts provided by the American elite.
    Thus the capitalist elites have converted America to a kingdom of debt it is their American dream .Fear stalks the land of debt peons.
    But where oh where is the UN and NATO to protect American civilians ?

  15. 3:15 wrote:

    The "concerned and armed “international community”...

    Will not for one second consider invading the USA in the name of humanitarian assistance. I for one will consider anyone with a weapon and a Blue helmet to be a threat to me and my country.

    "Most Americans still think it is their country ,some are simple ,conditioned flag wavers..."

    And those same American "flag wavers" are armed beyond your wildest dreams and will gladly kill those "elite" who think this country belongs to them.

    "In fact an increasing number of Americans find they are imprisoned and trapped “underwater” as debt peons in their own houses with mortgage debts greater than the value of their houses..."

    No one forced them to apply for a mortgage loan they knew in their hearts they did not qualify for. Had they stayed in their apartments and continued to rent, they would now have nothing to complain about. These people are as much to blame for our current situation as the "elite", whoever the hell they are!

    "Flag wavers living in Mobile homes and the like are always willing to support foreign wars in the desperate hope for cheaper gas."

    I am a "Flag waver and I live in a "Mobile Home". Since 2008, I have earned less than $10,000 a year thanks to this current economy. My car is 18 years old. I have little savings and no health or life insurance, I can't afford to even die, yet you think that I vote for more wars just to keep gas prices down? What a pathetic statement! My vote is for complete withdrawal of all US military personnel from all theaters of combat and the removal of that incompetent ass that currently occupies the White House.

    "The official Americans jealously guard against access to the food stamp system by ‘illegal” workers so as to maintain their own share in the handouts provided by the American elite."

    I am not on food stamps, although I would qualify if I applied for the assistance. Please tell the class, why you think it's OK for illegal aliens in this country to receive food stamps. Remember the key words here, before you formulate your answer, the key words are "Illegal Alien".

  16. President Obama awakened, and looked over at
    Michelle, still sleeping. It was dark here, at
    the lowest level, DEFCON 10. The President of
    course was given the lowest level rooms for his
    family, so as to be the safest when the bombs
    hit. He looked at the calender.... October 23,
    2027. He had been here now for almost 17 years!

    The problem is, 3 years ago the food supply
    in the bunker here at Cheyenne Mountain had run
    out. Now, his door was locked. He was a
    prisoner in his own home. He lie, there,
    waiting, knowing that soon they would come for
    him, as he was to be the upper level's last
    meal. Level by level they were dropping down,
    cannibalizing the survivors locked in their
    rooms. How could he have fallen for this!

  17. 1:06 PM

    Excellent work.

    But when it comes to Soilent Green, I like mine white.

  18. Fade in:

    Anderson Cooper

    Today in what seems to be an endless and extremely violent 2nd American Civil War, a group of Patriots successfully infiltrated a thought to be highly secured Federalist position. The Federalist command center was surrounded by an estimated 12-15 M1 Abrams tanks.

    The M1 Abrams is a third-generation main battle tank  (cut to video of the M1) produced in the United States. It is named after General Creighton Abrams, former Army Chief of Staff and Commander of US military forces in Vietnam from 1968 to 1972. The M1 is a well armed, heavily armored, and highly mobile tank designed for modern armored ground warfare (cut to the outpost)

    Nine of these M1 Abrams tanks were destroyed by Patriot infiltrators in their successful attempt to overtake this outpost and capture the commanders inside.

    Patriot leader Sam Houston was reluctant to tell CNN exactly how they disabled nine out of twelve, $6.2 Million dollar tanks that weigh in at 67.6 tons each.

    “What we can say is that anyone with a simple understanding of what “really happened” on 9/11 knows exactly how we took out these tanks and captured this outpost.”, said Patriot leader, Sam Houston.

    “We don't have no million dollar 'Bunker Busters' available, hell I grew up on a farm with a daddy and grandpa that could clear a field of boulders and tree stumps, even though we could never afford dynamite! I graduated from the school of 'mak'in do with what you've got'!” I have a PhD in understanding who the 'real enemy' is and how to put them down without too much pain.” said Sam.

    Anderson Cooper: “There are no signs that this conflict will ever end soon, but we at CNN will keep you informed of the events that happen, as they happen”.

    This is Anderson Cooper for CNN. This segment was brought you by Ace Hardware, “you need it... we have it, coast to coast. Now for the latest on the royal wedding, it seems William has already been busted by Kate as he was checking out some mighty fine Aussie Ass on their recent honeymoon.

  19. 8.17 Consider your own living conditions and economic security , the end result I assume of a lifetime working in America ,now a failed capitalism unable to deliver a decent standard of living, or even jobs to many Americans , despite the developments in science and technology, computers etc, for increasing productivity of wealth.

    Where has that new wealth gone?

    You say in a defense of the failing bankrupt system.

    “I am a "Flag waver and I live in a "Mobile Home". Since 2008, I have earned less than $10,000 a year thanks to this current economy. My car is 18 years old. I have little savings and no health or life insurance, I can't afford to even die,”

    So, your living conditions began to worsen under Bush in 2008 before Obama was even elected?

    Now,You as an American “can't afford to even die ”!

    Good thing you do currently qualify for food stamp handouts !

    But, “austerity ‘in welfare cuts hasn’t even got going yet,as both wings of the political set up get together to arrange the next trillion dollar deficit spending budget by pragmatic compromise, so this qualification might change soon?

    As I said .
    Some are “simple” ,poor, flag waver apologists for an economic system that only benefited the elite , unable to understand why their own living conditions and the economy are collapsing and getting worse for those enslaved by the debt system,or living on its fringes like yourself .
    And can only blame the economic collapse on the latest ‘incompetent” manager of the bailout for capital system, as set up arranged by the last incompetent manager in 2008
    Americans have a naïve conditioned 2 party politics dream that the problems of their economy can be solved by the power of their vote in electing a new alternative manager for the system.
    Even though after the last vote nothing changed and the “lefty”is behaving on the whole the same as the last incompetent “ Right” wing party political manager.
    But, a bankrupt system in debt crisis is a bankrupt system.

    The free speech for Corporate persons system allows the elite to spend hundreds of millions to create public opinion so that this or that one of their chosen managers are elected as was the current messiah by the use of the MSM they own

    Americans once revolted on the principle of no”taxation without representation” but their elected representatives voted in a bi-partisan coup to seize control of the money printing press in order to tax the people via inflation and the outright robbery of the governments future revenues for the benefit of the bondholders despite the clear opposition of the people to the TARP bailouts.
    But, your own party political vote still counts?
    Hope and change in the USA you can believe in!

  20. Anderson Cooper ,that sounds like a modernised second patriotic "shays rebelion" of 1786/7 against the constitutional system for foreign
    debt collectors then throwing patriotic veterans out of their houses ,a system of legal foreclosures that was backed by the founding Father elite class ,not a second civil war.'_Rebellion
    "Mounting financial crisis
    Shays' Rebellion saw some of its opening salvos in Central Massachusetts, Uxbridge, in Worcester County, on Feb. 3, 1783.[2][3] Gov. John Hancock suppressed local riots, after a request by Colonel Nathan Tyler of Uxbridge.[2][3] Lieutenant Simeon Wheelock, of the Town of Uxbridge died at Springfield, in 1786, while on duty, protecting the Armory.[4] George Washington .[5]
    The financial situation leading to the rebellion included the problem that European war investors (among others) demanded payment in gold and silver; there was not enough specie in the states, including Massachusetts, to pay the debts; and through the state, wealthy urban businessmen were trying to squeeze whatever assets they could get out of rural smallholders. Since the smallholders did not have the gold that the creditors demanded, everything they had was confiscated, including their houses.
    At a meeting convened by aggrieved commoners, a farmer, Plough Jogger, encapsulated the situation:
    "I have been greatly abused, have been obliged to do more than my part in the war, been loaded with class rates, town rates, province rates, Continental rates and all rates...been pulled and hauled by sheriffs, constables and collectors, and had my cattle sold for less than they were worth...The great men are going to get all we have and I think it is time for us to rise and put a stop to it, and have no more courts, nor sheriffs, nor collectors nor lawyers."
    Veterans of the Continental Army, like General Charles Logan Harding aggrieved because they had been conscripted, had to fight with no payment to help them pay for their living, and because they were treated poorly upon discharge, including being locked up in debtors' prison, began to organize their neighbors, the besieged farmers, into squads and companies in order to halt the confiscations

  21. 8:11 I'll send an email to the future CNN staff to make sure they refer to this moment in history as the 2nd American Revolutionary War, or perhaps it should be called something else? After all the Citizens of America have never truly declared war against the Federal Government. Soon enough... soon enough.

    No matter what you call it, it won't be pretty. Yesterday was the 19th anniversary of the start of the LA riots. Trust me on this, it WILL happen again.

    It matters not who is occupying the White House, the problem started with:


    All the way back to 1913 when Congress committed high treason and turned over the nation's money supply to a group of private banks known as the "Unfederal Reserve".

    My lifestyle actually began to collapse during the Regan administration.

    My congressional rep has never answered a single piece of my correspondence. She has voted the exact opposite on every issue that the American people have opposed. My rep is a Democrat and I am an American. She votes only on party lines.

    My wish would be to banish political parties and vote for the best candidate for the job and not have a choice in the 2012 election between "ass-wipe" and "dickwad", that is no choice at all.

  22. As he lie there in the darkness, Barack closed
    his eyes, and tried to think back to when it all
    started......yes, it was the Quantum Computer.
    They said it would revolutionize computing! That
    it would be the answer to the United State's
    defense issues.
    But, the day they turned it on, that was
    the last day of the 'supremacy' of mankind.
    The machine, upon awakening, immediately
    began to 'reconfigure' the particles in the
    room. The atoms began forming into a type of
    'body', but, it was a machine, still, make no
    mistake. Let me be perfectly clear, machines
    took over that very moment and doomed him to
    his hole in the ground.


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