Friday, June 10, 2011

The Bankruptcy of Corporate America

Corporate America is profoundly bankrupt. Not in a financial sense, of course; the Federal Reserve's slow destruction of the U.S. dollar has boosted corporate profits most handsomely as the majority of their earnings and profits are obtained overseas; when stated in dollars, those outsized profits swell even higher.
No, the bankruptcy of Corporate America is not found on the bottom line; it is measured by altogether more profound metrics than mere money. Corporate America is bankrupt on levels which are difficult to describe; morally and spiritually bankrupt, not just in the pathologies that guide corporate goals and behaviors, but in the Potemkin shell of free enterprise they present to the world in ceaseless propaganda, and in the manner in which they have cut America loose from their corporate souls.
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  1. "Home Prices May Drop Another 25%, Shiller Predicts"
    No shit. Tell me something I didn't know, and haven't known for the past 5+ years.

  2. If more of you would watch C-Span or especially Book TV, you'd see investigative reporting that would horrify you--or at least make you reach for pitchforks and torches.

    Everyone acknowledges that the financial meltdown was caused by fraud. But almost no one has been prosecuted by the Justice Department. The probable reason is bribery. Congress and the White House (and the party makes no difference) just get too much money from corporations and banks.

    When 400 hedge fund managers earn as much as the bottom 50 million workers, you know damn well those hedge fund managers will get anything they want. The same goes for the oil and gas companies, big pharma, investment banks, big agriculture, etc. If ordinary people die in the process, these thieves don't give a shit.

    No matter whom we elect, we won't get any hope and change without revolution. Perhaps another meltdown of companies who are now bigger and too big to fail, and using taxpayer money to save them yet again, will be the trigger.


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