Friday, June 10, 2011

Former Bailout Inspector General: I'm Scared, You Should Be Too


  1. LOL! Five Trillion! No problem, Timmy will print it for us. Yeah, Timmy!!!

  2. The FED will print until America is a 3rd world nation...we are well on our way there now, it's just been papered over with fiat currency!

  3. It;s not even printed anymore man! hell it;s
    digital baby!
    However I've said it before and I'll say it agin here; this Ponzi scheme will go on forever
    until NOBODY buys the digital image of Ben Frankiln; because people

    Everybody else's digital shit stinks just as bad as ours - if not worse !

    It's really that funny and that simple !

    So until holders of our debt continue to support
    the Ponzi; what the hell's the difference between 65 Trillion of unfunded liabilities and
    165 Trillion ? Nothing; because you cannot pay off either and do not intend to - your spurring
    the horse until the last gasp and we ain't found it yet - could be tomorrow; could be in
    50 years

    NOBODY Knows - prepare the best you can

  4. Warning: You have no Chinese will will buy you out by 2015 as IMF states on its website.
    If you understand Mysteries and illumnati symbols
    The warnings are there 2 see...but most Americans EYES ARE WIDE SHUT to their behaviour...they are coming...Wake up Wankies...Communist Green 1984 style...Bill Cooper warned you all years ago...not much time left before world will arrive.

  5. Anon at 7:04PM,
    I will fight you and the communists. I have rocks and sticks. And I will pummell you if you bring the NWO!!


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