Friday, June 10, 2011

Dear Mainstream Media, We Think You Might Want To Cover This…

Detractors routinely contend that the annual elite Bilderberg meetings are nothing more than an outdated irrelevant get together of aging has-beens whose power on the international stage has long since withered.

Take one look at the attendees at this year’s confab in St. Moritz, Switzerland, however, and it immediately becomes clear that this is the absolute polar opposite of the truth.

Debating policy at this year’s meeting will be the Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of, Chris R. Hughes, Co-founder of Facebook, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, Craig J. Mundie, Chief Research and Strategy Officer at Microsoft Corporation, and Reid Hoffman, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of LinkedIn.

There you have heads of the five biggest online companies, indeed five of the biggest companies on the globe, all in attendance together at a secluded hideaway in the Swiss alps for the weekend.

That alone should be enough to focus the attention of the mainstream media.

Alas, apparently, no, that is not enough to perk their collective interest.

Then lets factor in that also in attendance are the Vice President of the European Commission, the President of the European Council, the Director General of the World Trade Organization, the President of the European Central Bank, the President of The World Bank, and the Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme.
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  1. For those in attendance each year let us rename "Bilderberg" meetings to "Highway To HELL" meetings as most are Luciferian in nature.....and to consider these people "The Elite" do you want 70-80 years of so called power and riches then spend time without end in a active volcano pit?

  2. why would they cover bilderburg meet? not like those who attend are anything, control anything, can do anything, should be considered when they say something, can actually implement anything, not kings, rulers, true elites, don't band together to exert any influence, steer economy's, events, policy's...
    the important things the MSM covers yep..that guy with the twitter thing, the other guy-long since not a senator anymore-and his affair, that governor and his affair, those emails from some other governor, lol-what some of them had for dinner, where they went, what shoes they wore and dress, do they smoke cigars and what type...LOLOLOLOL
    russian news used to be a joke in the 80's-right before they collapsed...hmmm


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