Monday, June 6, 2011

California, the State Built on Gold Prospecting, is Set To Outlaw ... Gold Prospecting

There's gold in them thar hills, but pretty soon you won't be allowed to touch it.
In California, the state built on gold, the time is up for prospectors who are about to see their way of life declared illegal.
Just 162 years after history's biggest gold rush, diggers - or dredgers as they now are - are losing a long-running battle with environmentalists.

The reason for this mammoth fight is ... salmon.
At the centre of the battle is suction dredging, today's mechanised version of gold panning.
Up to 4,000 people in California use suction dredging to extract gold.
It involves motorised rigs which act like giant vacuum cleaners, sucking up mud and gravel from the bottom of a watercourse and then using gravity to sort tiny quantities of gold from the rocks and dirt.
Environmentalists say the technique disturbs riverbeds where fish such as pacific salmon lay their eggs.

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  1. Does this mean that we cannot 'pan' for gold? How soon is this going to happen?

  2. just more reason why a collapse of this present system would be a good thing. ..less budget to fund restrictions of freedoms in so many things. restrictions already in place during seasonal stream/river runs, dredging isn't the cause of run declines and most every state study by fish and game and other depts. has concluded that. in-place restrictions are enough.

    more toxins enter the rivers from yard care products then mercury left behind from long ago being dredged up
    yard care-huge, lobbyists money never goes to...anyway we'd never restrict yard care products, proven safe study after study, study funded by..the same corp that produces the product? anyway lots of phosphorous and other toxins coming from such things vs mercury dredged up. rec miners are a small lot and without...lobbying to promote their lifestyle..

    in the 3rd world there's much bribery, it's a way of life the game is played..but this is of the..well that seems so long ago now huh. sad, but we've already fallen, useless you've several hired lobbyists!!

    lol- a story about miners and saving fish..or about the way things are. mineral extractors have them, commercial fish farms tied to genetically modifieds everythings industry have them, coal, oil, chemical producers all sorts have them, those hired to petition for the cause of corp. profit. much worse things for salmon then some dredgers but these industry's give out kickbacks.

  3. means no dredging permits will be issued due to removal of funding. pan away-no permit needed for hand prospecting. read any restrictions in place for intentioned river, all rivers have rules

  4. that's right RULES !!

    That's EXACTLY what the fuck califorinacation needs too!!!!

    More fucking rules!!

    Here's a rule for ya ! Don't let the door hit ya on yer way out californication

  5. The real exchange value of gold is the labor and the cost or wear an tear on
    the equipment used to produce it.

    That can be small dredging as described above or by panning or pick and shovel in the third world + subsistance level incomes.
    $2 a day in some countries.

    SO IN THE COMPETITION is gold realy worth $1500 an ounce?
    Or, fantasies like $ thousands of dollars an ounce for gold over a long term ?

    Such prices can only be temporary panic values as the dollar hegemony system implodes .

    Silver is often a by- product of big industrial mining for other metals copper ,lead etc.

    In an industrial downturn or depression ,demand for these other metals like copper will decline and so less silver will be produced too.

    If you wish to try and preserve wealth using precious metals as a store of wealth buy silver

  6. Did gold really build a rich California , or just create a gold rush of immigrants most of whom did not get rich as diggers ,but were then forced to turn to farming creating a settlers land rush on newly seized Mexican land ?
    Some Land speculators that had just bought up old Mexican land grant titles in millions of acres did very well .


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