Monday, June 6, 2011

New Law Can Put Americans In JAIL For LIFE No Trial


  1. You people better wake up!

  2. I Love RT, it is sooo very DARK and CREEEPY!!
    A Russian news station that has a U.S. division in Washington DC amongst a few other states, and in the rest of the world.
    The goal of RT is to give the world a Russian perspective of world events.
    Well all i can say if i was sentenced to life in prison for blogging on sites like this,
    well then i would have to make it a PARTY!!!
    You have Got to make life as interesting as possible,
    not to fear is way too short!

  3. Life in the Reich


  4. 3:26 there will be no waking up for the 98% therefore that game has already been lost. Look out for your own interests, prepare and try to survive. Let's face it. Most deluded American sheeple think as an empire lashing out that we are fighting for our freedoms. That should tell you the progaganda and mind control is fully locked in.

    They won. Now it is just a matter of adapting to living in a police state ruled by Oligarchs. Don't bother with nonsense like voting or speaking out. It is a lost cause. We are slaves. Accepting that and being able to get out of bed every morning knowing that is the first step. Knowing everything around you are deceptions and distractions to keep you mind busy. The largest is the wage slavehood that is created thru fake debt.

    They win. Just find a way to be as happy a slave as you can be. Let those who wish to live in ignorance remain ignorant.

  5. I'm beginning to wonder if, perhaps, ignorance is actually bliss, as the old saying goes. Lately I'm finding it more and more difficult to focus or concentrate on anything, other than how we've all been screwed, blued and tattooed and there's not a damn thing we can do about it. Are the 98% better off not knowing?

  6. 4:54 that depends on whether or not you prepare for what is coming. If you know the truth but do not prepare like the sheeple you might as well be one of them.

    Unfortunately it is not possible to learn about all the lies around you and then 'go back.'

  7. Giving up already guys? We're just getting started. Wake some people up! Buy one ounce of silver/crash JP Morgan! You gotta have hope. Heroes emerge when you least expect it. Bilderberg is this week. Wake some people up!!!


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