Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chance Didn’t Create The Current Economic Crisis

Bob Chapman

What the world is experiencing today did not happen by chance, it was planned that way.


What Congressman Louis McFadden said of the “Great Depression” is as true today as it was in the 1930s. As Chairman of the House Banking Committee he said, “It was no accident; it was a carefully contrived occurrence. The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so they might emerge as rulers of us all.”

What you are experiencing economically and financially today is nothing new. Just study history all the precedence is there. The bankers and their willing helpers do the same thing over and over again. As we have said often what these banks represent is corporatist fascism and monopoly. Through their great wealth they control most governments and their court systems. That is why your elected representatives do not listen to you. They have already been purchased by Wall Street and banking. These are the same people who have financed most wars on both sides for centuries. Through their banks, and the Bank for International Settlements, and the BIS, they control money laundering and the worldwide drug trade, which is the most lucrative of all enterprises. The centerpiece of all the financial powers of the Illuminists come from the control of the drug trade for centuries.

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  1. Time does not exist in the mind of God. These luciferian elites will in the end get their just rewards! Those who were members of this self-proclaimed elite globalist group would certainly tell those still alive today "don't do it". Friends, protect yourselves with gold and silver coin! Keep it yourselves along with food and water as all hell breaks open throughout the world. No sin goes unpunished, nope not a religious nut but history the greatest of all teachers informs us that those who go against the natural laws of nature are going to get their butts fried, shot, hung, burned at the stack, decapitated and so forth when the masses get feed up. All the puppets of the International Bankers and the bankers themselves are not going to escape this nightmare but will get their fair share of misery when time is right.

    Prepare yourselves; ask for wisdom and grace from Infinite Mind and you will endure!

  2. I'd like to agree with you 10:43am, but there is a reason Christ said 'let the tree be good or evil'. These 'elites' which are Satanists serve their master that they may receive an everlasting reward. Of course, some of us still believe there will be a final judgement at which Hell and the kingdom of Matter shall go into the Lake of fire.
    The Satanists do not comprehend this. The wheel of existence is all they can see.
    You say 'no sin goes unpunished', but with that statement you negate the Death of Christ on the cross. You see, Satan is an Angel, and therefore so much smarter than you. Be humble, say nothing except to help another man, and give thanks to God always.

  3. Unfortunately bankers are just nothing more than cruel parasites. Even this banker had 100x more heart than a real banker -

  4. 11:42 would you Jesus nuts keep your delusion to yourself. The site is for rational people trying to plan as best as possible to survive the coming collapse.

    Your many times repeated solar sun savior myth doesn't fit into that at all. It is ok that you believe in a man on a white horsey riding around in the sky, or red horned devil-angels with pitchforks, but please just keep it to yourself or chat it up with other deluded folks on the many mythology/religion forums out there.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. didn't happen by chance, was planned..interesting. to think man alone could have installed, from the local system to national to international, others to do their bidding, non-stop and well done, even after hundreds of years of trial and error is...only partly right. so might be something else adding to this. each person is part of this world system, and each of us has/had a role, is it we each are prone to follow selfish/own desires, even at others expense, and is there possibly another ruler in this world system that is much better at orchestrating people to do...what comes natural to them to begin with? if doing what comes natural also works to this rulers plan then it wouldn't be so hard. from the kid who steals at the local store causing higher insurance therefore prices to the bad enactments from rulers who are in ways just like ourselves and we elected, we've all played a part. is written there is a "he" who withholds this ruler from doing it all his way completely for now, until "he" is removed from withholding this ruler any longer, then the coming and last dictator will rise, the son of perdition.

    it's always a matter of belief so many say no way men could install such systems so thoroughly, but if looking at it that we each, from the poor to the richest, are/were merely doing the work of this ruler even unknowingly by simply following selfish desires/greed's etc and are each partly responsible for the very system we try and correct it's not at all a stretch to see it all coming into place, and unfixable, as how to fix everyman's heart when everyman's heart and mind is like that of this prince/ruler in either one way or another. although there is a way, most refuse Christ and the world waxes worse, but for any who might, use it as an encouragement to take a relook at the bible and it's teachings and prophecy's.

    perfect example is the saying lately about democracy...only works until people discover they can vote themselves money. so the system is broke, because we the people who make up the world..are morally broken, and being immoral touches upon every aspect of life and this world system and rather then blame only the leaders for the failing system whom we elected and are so like us in ways we might also consider our actions and activities and what we've sown. while there's a day left repent, nobody will be taking their gold and silver beyond the grave, but their souls

  6. In the 1870s bankers were dragged out of the banks and hung by the street light posts while sheriffs stood down. That is historically accurate.

    The only difference between now and then is today we a living in a dumbed-down zombie culture molded for us by the money masters.

    Where 50% of Americans are taking pharm mind-altering drugs and absorbing only the reality that is set from by the elite.

    The sheep today have no clue who is screwing them over or who is to blame for the coming economic collapse. The puppet politicians and the fake systems of control will take the blame while the wizards hide behind the cloak.

    When the water, food and drugs run out they know that we will turn on each other and that is what they want. That is their M.O. 35 million guns bought since 2005 will be turned loose in this fear-culture that have molded for us.

    They are untouchable and in full control. There is nothing that can be done to stop the elite at this point. The goal should be to cope the best you can in this matrix of lies world they have created for us and try to survive.

    Acknowledgement that one is a slave and not a free man is the first step. We are living in a Oligarchy and the course has been plotted and planned. Your opinion or input means nothing. That is vanity that should be swept aside.

  7. 94% were against the banker ballouts (no not 700 billion they got trillions).

    Most Americans want the empirical wars to stop now.

    The fact that the bankers get what the want and you have no say should be clear by now.

  8. The goal of the MSM is to alter reality. If you are against the occupations, against money printing and waste, etc the goal of the MSM is to convince you that you are mistaken, that you are a tiny minority.

    This is the elite using simple psych-ops. Sheep want to think that they have the acceptance and agreement of their peers.

    While in truth you are actually in the majority. Brilliant, time-proven and effective.

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  16. I agree, chance didn't create this mess.

    There is no way all this just happen, no way

  17. 3:44-6:40 Like an infant shaking a rattle or simply a weak person that couldn't handle the truth of the posts above him.

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  20. Most people don't know this or want to admit it, but the reason Hitler was able to rally people to his cause is because he initially had an anti-banking cartel stance. In those times, it was the Jews that owned the banking, so they became the target. Actually the Jews still own banking now to be honest, if you check Goldman Sachs and other big banks they run it, but I don't believe they represent all Jews, just as our elected white male officials and slave owners in the past don't represent the populations as a whole, who did not have slaves and never had the power to control everyone. We were just workers like everyone else.

    When the US was created, the founding fathers took great pains to curb the power of banks and Corporations. Jefferson and the other Federalists made it very clear that banks and corporations should never have power, and also strictly regulated the federal government and taxation. In fact, the reason why we have this country and why we fought for independence is because people left Britain for taxation, and then fought against Britain for independence again because of taxation.

    It's funny now though how the sheeple are convinced paying high taxes, giving corporations and banks the rights of individuals but none of the accountability, and further destroying the middle class is somehow patriotic. That wasn't the country we were supposed to have, and those Ideals Jefferson and Franklin and those others had about taxation and banking, if nothing else, should have been kept and followed.

    Hell the Federal Reserve also did not exist until long afterwards. It also makes no sense.

    We all need to vote for Ron Paul. Then after he gets assassinated and the plot gets caught on a camera phone and uploaded to youtube so everyone sees that it was the banking cartel or corporate elite that set it up, then, and only finally then, perhaps the sheeple wake up. If Paul gets elected, rest assured he will be killed within the year.

  21. If ron was elected, they would kill him before he could sign his first piece of legislation. He wont be elected, the elite wont let it happen.

  22. No Ron Paul cannot get elected. Presidents are selected by the Oligarchs then put in place. Contrary to what the sheeple may believe they have no say and voting is a completely wasted effort.

    Andrew Jackson had two attempts on his life for standing up to the banksters. His tombstone: 'I killed the bank" - that guy is my hero.

    Lincoln was killed for not playing ball with the banksters. Their game was to start and finance both sides of the civil war. Lincoln surprised them by creating alternate currency, the Greenback. He died for that. No he did not die for freeing slaves. In fact he didn't care much about that, he cared about fighting the efforts of the banksters to tear the county in half.

    JFK was killed by the banksters because he repealed the Federal Reserve Act. Probably the bravest act of any president. (What Paul wants to do). Within hours of the JFK bankster hit the new bankster puppet, LBJ, canceled the repealed of the Federal Reserve Act.

    LBJ was the first in a long string of puppet presidents.

    Every US president since JFK has been controlled by the elite bankster families.
    The control has tightened over the years. At this point we might as well just be looking at a cardboard dummy with a speaker behind him.

    A slave that believes he is a free man does not rebel.

  23. Martin Luther King was also a great man who was keenly aware of what the Bankers were doing to the people, their motives in Vietnam etc.

    He spoke out bravely about the corporate elite and the military industrial complex. He also spoke out about peace a lot which is the fastest way to catch a bullet.

    Revisionist history says nothing about this but rather only talks about MLK's efforts at pushing through civil rights and fighting racism.

    Truth be known he was killed not for what he was doing specifically for the black man. He was killed for speaking out against the banksters.

    White, black, red, green the banksters don't care. You are one of them or you are an insect.

    Another hero in a long list of historical figures that fought and died standing up to the banksters.

    If you are a racist and are reading this please understand that you have a lot more in common with MLK's causes than you do with trillionaire banksters and their absolute control over you.

    Politics, religion, racism, national pride, you name it. All there to separate the sheeple masses and get them arguing amongst one another and not noticing who the real masters are that run the show.

  24. If you hold a US Masters degree in American History, you actually have a degree in propaganda and lies.

    Could you imagine what would happen if the government schools actually taught REAL history?
    As Jordan Maxwell says, the government is getting what they want and what they are paying for; they don't want your children to be educated.


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