Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nation with a past hopes for a future

Karen Kissane

Greece is virtually bankrupt and Europe is threatened, writes Karen Kissane in Athens.

The tourists sit watching the view from a rooftop cafe in Athens. As evening sets in, there is a light on a distant hill. It spreads, and suddenly there is the Parthenon, high and proud on its huge flat rock. Not only is the graceful structure alight but so is the rock, both glowing as if alive, Greece's golden past blazing into the present.

The temple of Athena reminds the city named in her honor of its ancient glories; of a time when this small country played a part in human affairs that was out of all proportion to its size.

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  1. Greece will eventually go down, as well the US. I wanted to move to Eastern Europe, until their idiot politicians joined the EU. Now I know there is no place to go to. We are all stuck where we are in eternal misery....


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