Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The Fall Of America and The West:


  1. The World Bank chairman, who incidentally is a Joo (like all other chairmen everywhere), forgot to mention in his speech that all he talked about was engineered by him and his joowish friends at ECB, IMF, Federal Reserve, Bilderberg Group and hundreds of tax-free shit tanks they have created all over the World to cover up their tracks. Where is this government the crook asked at the end-did you hear? Well, it is meeting in Switzerland this coming Thursday, he must’ve had a memory block for a second.

  2. Please,
    This is a stunning admission? The history of the world is filled with examples of superpowers becoming established, flourishing, expanding their borders to unsustainable levels and finally collapsing.

    To name a few, the Muslim empire, Roman empire, Spain's empire, the British empire, and for the last 100 years or so, the United States.

    The United States of America is an empire whose time in history came and now is plainly in decline. Our military, political, and economic influence is diminishing quickly and at some point will collapse.

    The only question is will the collapse occur slowly or will we reach a tipping point and experience the change rapidly with massive societal and economic implications.

    It is in fact the end game.

  3. @1:39 I think we are going to reach the point of tipping point just like the ancient Romans did. However, the US is a bigger Empire than ancient Rome so that is why it seems like it is taking forever to collapse but just like ancient Rome, it will collapse and it will come quickly from one day to the next. It is just taking a bit longer that's all. Just like ancient Rome the US is debasing it's currency even though the US has the advantages of both being a reserve currency and the economy being defended by the might of the pentagon's power. The end result is still the same because not only can a nation live by not producing anything but it cannot sustain by being a nation which lives on a foundation of lies. This secret govt who keeps their citizens in the dark and uninformed has no place to go but into annihilation as a country and that is no doubt being driven by the foreign enemies within as well as internal traitors who deserve a hanging for their treason.

  4. Rome was not built in a day.
    Nor did it collapse in a day.
    But looking back in time it seems a sudden collapse.

    The Roman republic people first in Rome eventialy all Italy itself, was converted from small soldier settlers with roman citizen voting rights with their incomes supplemented by the tribute profits of empire, into vast slave estates .
    Patrician big landowners engaging in Usury not industrial development capitalism had eaten the free citizenry farmer people who became a people enslaved by usury debts, in the end unwilling to fight for the empire , the remaining free plebians as long as the fruits of empire tribute flowed were kept passive by a share in Empore tribute grain handouts and entertainment.
    Bread a circuses.
    The Roman version of American idol celebrity culture and food stamps.
    The history of Rome had revolved around the class struggles for land ownership
    Italy was owned in the end by a patrician oligarchy that made their profits from slaves on their vast estates and from usury .
    Italy was no longer an empire of citizen farmers. This oligarchic class seized state power to create a degenerate emperor system by military takeovers under Ceasar and Augustus..And barbarian invasions soon followed. as the Italian people and slaves were unwilling to defend that empire in Italy.

    Part of the empires government did eventually move to the East . Constantinople and abandoned Italy to Germanic basrbarians
    This Eastern “Roman “empire and “Roman peace” still survived in the East for hundreds of years untill its rapid degeneration under Christian leadership after Constantine.

    At first the American republic too developed and became strong
    by the expansion of settler farmers into newly seized empire lands, with a democratic spirit of settlers rights .
    The competition from slavery did not continue as in Roman Italy as slavery was abolished .
    The small farmers in America lost their land like the ancient Romans to the money power of big capitalist farming and railroads serving modern industry . The rich did not turn simply to usury But to investment in capitalist industrial development. Millions of free immigrant laborers were imported as factory fodder.After a couple of world wars American industry and capital achieved world domination and prosperity reigned in the 50s and 60s.
    With the development of a high wages system and with the growing struggles against the profits from racial discrimination by the exploited labor minority ,by the time of Nixon American industry could not profitably compete with other rebuilt capitalist economies .
    America owing to the mounting cost of wars was forced to abandon its remaining connection with the gold standard of money and print pure fiat paper dollars.
    Support for the paper dollar was only made possible by military might .America was able to support and guarantee the existence of middle eastern puppets enabling them in partnership with America to create the OPEC oil pricing in dollars system .
    Thereby creating a world wide economic empire tribute system whereby countries that needed oil had to pay in dollars.
    With The dollar hegemony system America printed Fiat paper dollars to buy and import oil and other commodities and the exporters of commodities reinvented most of their dollar profits and savings as interest paying investments in US debts.
    US Capital found it more profitable to export the American industry and jobs they owned to the cheaper labor third world .
    America was able to finance much of its its government by printing paper by deficit spending debt, backed by US treasury bills sold to the rest of the world!
    But ,de-industrialized without industrial commodities that could be profitably exchanged with the rest of the world, the internal consumer markets could only be financed by the Oligarchy like in ancient Rome turning to usury credit supply for its internal source of profits creating as in Rome a nation of Ponzi debt slaves.

  5. God laughs at the folly of man! All these bankers and global leaders believe they are in control but it is a illusion. They are not all powerful nor do they really comprehend the truth. The age of man is coming to a end. All these activities are just Lucifer vs GOD and being Lucifer had the wonderous gift of being in GOD's presence but got the big head he and his puppets as seen in this video will all be cast aside in the future. Fear not he who can kill the body but fear he who can kill both body and soul.

  6. in a semi global world things take longer to collapse. semi global, as still old way of sovereign currency's and sovereign laws. is what they want done away with to bring their new world order etc. and it's not new, been tried before. faith placed in mankind will severely disappoint. rest your faith and life after this life in Christ because when we die we won't care what the economy's doing, what the dollerz can buy still. it is fascinating to read and watch this end of the age of man though while still having a true peace about things, take a relook at some bible prophecy and maybe see the course of these things

  7. 11:25 - I was going to post a late comment on this video but as you have so accurately and succinctly put it there is nothing else to say as you hit it right on brother! Every time I start to get off track with all this nonsense it is necessary to remember that God is in control and all is well.
    1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

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