Friday, July 29, 2011

The Democrats' Big Tax Lie

Michael Medved

President Obama keeps insisting that the rich haven’t had it this good in half a century. Michael Medved says the Dems are fudging the numbers to justify their soak-the-wealthy approach.
You’ve probably heard this line dozens of times in the seemingly endless debate over deficits and taxation, and chances are you’ll hear it many times more during the campaign of 2012, regardless of the final resolution of the debt-ceiling crisis.
Don’t be fooled.
Neither of the dueling plans currently on the table (one from Speaker of the House John Boehner, the other from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid) contain tax increases of any sort, but President Obama remains firmly committed to raising the rates on top earners when the latest extension of the Bush tax cuts expires at the end of next year.
The Democratic line about “the lowest rate in 50 years” effectively reinforces two important liberal themes: first, that the rich don’t pay their fair share to support the operations of government, and second, that hiking rates . . .

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