Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Italy is next to Greece? Nothing is New

Jeon Byeong-seo, Professor of China MBA in Kyunghee University

Europe is now burning. FIRE is the combination of the initials of the three words - Finance, Insurance and Real Estate. The cradle of the large-scale finance and real estate accident is the United States, but the fire broke out in Europe. Greece is nearly entering the funeral parlor. And next is Italy.

If the god of stock investment is Warren Buffett, the legend of bond investment is Bill Gross of Pacific Investment Management (PIMCO). In an investment report worked out by Bill Gross last February, there is an interest chart, called the "ring of fire," in which investment should be banned. Spain and Italy are in the ring.

Although the U.S., Britian, France, and Japan are also included in the ring of fire, they are not burning to death as they have machines printing key currency or quasi-key currency.

No country collapses because of the financial crisis

Now, the world is facing the crisis after the crisis. Following the financial crisis, the crisis of state bankruptcy is approaching from Europe. In addition, there is a concern over possible bankruptcy of Japan and the U.S. owing to enormous amount of fiscal deficit.

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