Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rich countries endangering global economic recovery


The global economic crisis which originated in the sub-prime debacle in the United States, and has been characterised by stagnation or anemic economic growth in Europe and Japan, remains in contrast to the economies of Asia and Latin America which continue to have steady and impressive growth.

China's spectacular growth of the last 20 years has continued unabated by the recession in the Western world, while most developing countries have experienced a slow-down in growth due to the adverse impact of the recession in the rich, developed countries but have not succumbed to an economic collapse.

For us in Jamaica, two important lessons can be drawn from those developments.


  1. There are now only 5 nations in the world left without a Rothschild controlled central bank: Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya (wait for the wars).

    That is why we target them because we do the banksters' bidding. It isn't about oil. It is about control of debt and money. Enslavement of the globe piece by piece.

    We have been allowed to continue as a nation because we are willing to put our morals aside and go out to commit genocide against other nations without a central bank.

    Simple equation. When/if we ever stop acting as the billy club for the bankers we will be flushed down the toilet whenever they feel like getting out the plunger.

  2. After the 2003 invasion of Iraq it took 45 days for us to build a massive complex there. Our new central bank. That was more of a priority than restoring a water supply or finishing a green zone.

    It is all about debt.

  3. It is incorrect to say the worlds problem began with the U.S. sub-prime problem. Europes problem is/was Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain. These countries were in deep shit before the sub-prime issue. The real problem here and anywhere in the world that their economy is in trouble is that particular country has borrowed money and or inflated their money and/or spent too much money. The problem was always there it just needed something to make it obvious to everyone. Once people discovered their country was in deep shit they began acting differently and that difference generally made the economy worse.

  4. Oh yes, the solution to the world's problems is for the U.S. government to spend another trillion to create government jobs at the cost of $1 million a year each, and also to give a bunch of money to Jamaica.

    I don't ask a dime of anyone and I work like a slave every day. I've got the ghetto people living off my back, my kids, the 48% of American who don't pay income tax, the 17% of the workforce that's working for government, and foreign countries. God, please make all these people take care of themselves and quit making specious arguments for why the government should take more of my production and give it to someone else. Please God.

  5. 12:59 im with you more stimulus? WTF im a building contractor im making 50% less than i did 4 years ago. now if everyone would take a cut like that. We would get somewhere. Everyone wants to cut just not their pay

  6. 12:59 don't fret. Hyperinflation in the not too distant future will cut the pay of just about everyone. Significantly. Take that 1/2 pay and buy silver. You will be in better shape down the road than most of your peers.

  7. qe3 eventually, and now euro through off sheet esef fund and as always japan, china will again...if paper is so easily brought into existence what is the true value of it? where is the line in the sand of when to stop? money, uuh, what is it good for..absolutely nothing say it

  8. if haven't already, read the history of paper money


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