Friday, July 29, 2011

Medical Principle - Make No Harm - For Modern Economy

Irina Tsyplakova

A political analyst, Fyodor Lukyanov, the Editor-In-Chief of the magazine “Russia In the Global Policy”, has appeared on the Voice of Russia today. Issues, which present a great deal of interest not only for politicians, economists and mass media today but also the ones that are of great interest for ordinary citizens in all countries featured prominently in the interview with Fyodor Lukyanov. On that list are the upheavals in the eurozone, a possible economic collapse in Greece, Spain and Portugal, and the shadow of the default hanging over the USA… What is it? The world economic crisis on the rise? So who is to blame and what should be done in a situation that has emerged? Fyodor Lukyanov has something to say on that score.
"What is happening today shows that the existing economic models have exhausted themselves. At the same time, it is the result of the policy of the leading countries and the place they occupy in the world economic and political system. Till recently we thought that the new problems of the 21st century might be caused by the untenable states, by the terrorist networks, and by the interethnic and religious differences. Least of all we thought that the policy . . . . . . .

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  1. in euro without political integration the problem is that each government is implementing it's own policy. sometimes those policy's compete. so they'll give up sovereign policy for "the oneness", some will be ousted to later be absorbed. competing policy's, competing currency's, the move to oneness in policy and currency under the guise of prosperity. many nations will be subdued through the lure of prosperity and financial tactics and if those fail wars too, until it'll be said, who is like the beast, and able to make war with him. interesting and foretold, this nwo slowly unfolding. save your soul


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