Thursday, March 1, 2012

CNBC's New Star Kelly Evans Reveals A Brand New Bullish Economic Indicator

CNBC's newest star reporter Kelly Evans made her debut appearance on the financial news network this morning on "Squawk Box."

Evans, who previously wrote the “Ahead of the Tape” column and hosted the daily "News Hub" program for The Wall Street Journal, introduced a new (well, it's new to us) economic indicator -- "The Dentist Indicator."

Basically, she said, her dentist is seeing way more new patients than normal -- a phenomenon that happens when people get jobs, and go back to the dentist for the first time in awhile with health insurance. Watch and learn in the video clip.......


  1. This is buffoonery. Dentists and speculators have about as much in common as a molar and a fish.

  2. With stupid economic theories like this she will fit in quite well with the morning Zoo on CNBC.


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