Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is college worth the cost?

With tuition hikes, compounding student loans, and scarce entry-level jobs, an increasing concern for high school graduates is whether college is worth the cost.

The value of college, however, runs deeper than potential post-graduation employment. Colleges and universities were designed for more than job training programs: They were designed to produce educated and informed citizens:

Al Gini is a professor of business ethics and chair of the department of management at Loyola University Chicago. He is also the co-founder and associate editor of Business Ethics Quarterly, and the author of several books, including My Job, My Self and Seeking the Truth of Things: Confessions of a (catholic) Philosopher. Read more....

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  1. I think college students generally have more critical thinking skills. I agree that it's not necessarily about the job training; graduates tend to be more involved in their communities and productive overall.


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