Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Internet Hasn't Finished Changing Your Life. Five More Changes Are Coming Soon

Cloud computing has already changed a lot of things in your life and we're only at the beginning.

It's already changed the way we share photos (remember mailing pictures?), how we navigate in our cars (remember street maps?) how we work (remember 9 to 5 in the office?) and so on.

We talked to two VCs to hear about what's coming next from the cloud, Michael Eisenberg, of Benchmark Capital's Tel Aviv's office, best known for backing Seeking Alpha and; and Accel Partners' Ryan Sweeney best known for Groupon and Atlassian.

They named the next five industries that will be transformed by the cloud.

1. Food/grocery. Web sites can offer a better way for people to buy local food from food producers instead of grocery stores, reducing cost while increasing nutrition. The food industry is ready to be transformed just like the travel industry was with AirBnB, Roomarama, Zipcar.

"With the food industry there are too many hands in the middle between farmer and consumer. More models are starting to emerge," says Eisenberg who points to a site called Farmego as one example. This site matches consumers with food producers who sell direct to the public. Read more......


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